Digital Soldier Perspective on the InfoWar

Now that I’ve had time to digest and reflect on the announcement by President Trump, I am all the more convinced that he is the Commander-in-Chief of the worlds largest, most complex, coordinated, military operation in history. Many confirmations have come, from many fellow Patriots. All of us share the same view of this InfoWar, we’re on high alert and ready for action.

Nobody knows the day and time but many Patriots believe Trump announced that; America’s comeback starts now! (Nov. 15) Was a message to the Military, however it’s important to understand, that he must not appear to be the one calling for the arrests to begin. The Military have been planning and mapping the next actions and they don’t need him, or any civilian, in the media.

To avoid civil war is the name of the game. Anyone can take the time and look at Flight Radar data, if you don’t believe what I am saying. The other day there was over 400 Military planes above the continental United States, when 250 was always allot. The National Guard are flying all over the world and on any given day there are more than a dozen foreign military on the U.S. radar.

The Great Awakening is in high-gear at the same time, as it’s impossible to look at any social network and not see a barrage of evidence of election fraud, political corruption and insider crimes. Brazil is leading the charge, to prove the power of the people. We are witness to the biggest bust ever, the cheaters know they’re done-for. No amount of political spin doctoring can undo what is happening. There are too many people aware of the cabal, their gig is up.

Biblical Battle of Good vs Evil

The most amazing thing about this infowar, is that God is involved. A common theme is “Biblical” and it’s very widespread in the Patriot community. This is the first time in my career where it was acceptable to write about Jesus and talk about God, in the context of media content creation. In our fight we want truth and righteousness, our wish is freedom, liberty and love of our neighbour. Even Q refers to the Bible for inspiration.

Information warfare is about truth. The deep state cabal have been telling lies, committing major crimes and using the media to cover-up, for far too long. Seth Rich did not lose his life for nothing, if we continue to seek the truth. Until Julian Assange walks freely, we can’t quit fighting for the truth. These are only two of the heroes, there are millions more and millions more behind them. Now we know we’re united, across the country and around the world, we are impossible to stop.

Evil tyrants can fly to fancy meetings, dressed in official costumes, spew fake science rhetoric and blather on about the future. We the people are in charge now, you can believe whatever you like but we will take back our planet and prosecute every criminal, for every crime, in a fair and humane manner. Just like Nuremberg trials but without any rats escaping the punishment (this time). We are awake now and know about Operation Paperclip, and so much more.

Truth wins the infowar, and “game over” is coming soon for the cabal.

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