Winning Streak Players Club

At long last, a major breakthrough on the Winning Streak project to create a Loyalty Reward Network for the online gaming industry is about to happen. There’s nothing online that can compare to the Winning Streak Players Club.

In plain English, the Players Club is a coalition loyalty program that rewards members with Winning Streak Points for their patronage at the merchants in our Network. The Winning Streak points can be used at over 150,000 locations, both online and off-line but the program is designed for, and caters to, people who enjoy gambling, either online or off-line.
Lottery is the most popular form of gambling in the world, legal in 48 States of the U.S. and Government endorsed in almost every country of the world. Sweepstakes are another form of gambling also very prevalent online and off-line throughout the world, with millions of contests for prizes being drawn every day. Let’s be honest, gambling is everywhere, even in churches. It’s this honesty that forms the basis of the Winning Streak promise because collectively, as an open-source community, we can each get on a winning streak.
The Winning Streak Players Club is designed to guarantee that it’s members win more often and we reward members every-time they spend money with any credit or debit card that’s registered with the Players Club, whether the purchase is with a Winning Streak coalition merchant or not. If the purchase is with a recommended merchant then the rewards are even greater and the member has even more chances of winning, plus receives bonuses, discounts and incentives at the point of purchase that they wouldn’t have received otherwise. Winning Streak leverages the power of it’s membership base to provide better value for it’s members. We promise every member a winning streak.
Basic membership in the Winning Streak Players Club is Free. To upgrade to a VIP membership and receive the Winning Streak Card costs $29.95 yearly but delivers 10 times the price in instant rebates, reward points and bonuses. From the first minute a person upgrades to VIP status they’re entered into lotteries and sweepstakes, then automatically re-entered each month that they keep the Winning Streak Card active. The benefits of the Card are too many to be listed in this article, so a manual is included with the card upon delivery and an entire resource section is available on the website, with Forums and chat-rooms, so people can learn from other members how they saved more money or won cash and prizes. Our members will win without even trying but for those that make the extra effort new creative ways will be discovered to win more than we imagined.
Las Vegas is the Mecca for gambling and arguably one of the most exciting cities on earth, whether you like you gambling or not. The Winning Streak Players Club VIP Card is recognized by merchants in Las Vegas and as our membership grows, so does the list of Hotels where the reward points will be redeemable and the Winning Streak Card can be used. You must present the Winning Streak Card to reap the benefits of a VIP membership. Each week a newsletter will be delivered to your inbox to feature the best new offers.
In the end it’s all about winning. The success of our project will be judged on how many winners we create and how often the each member wins. Our promise is to deliver the best possible chance of this happening, in as many ways possible. It may be at the gas pump or grocery store at first but every time a Winning Streak member uses our program they’ve just vastly increased their chance of winning something big and we’ll not stop in fulfilling our promise, we want winners! Our objective is to grow a huge online community and large membership base by creating winners, then leverage the power of numbers to bring more benefits to our members by adding more rewards, more free prizes, more free bonuses, more discounts and more value than any other Card program in history.
If you join us, we promise you a winning streak.

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