Money Maker

Money makes the world go around…
The sound of an ATM machine as it counts stacks of notes to mechanically push through the slot of a machine. The feeling of stuffing a stack of fresh cash into the wallet, or the joyous feeling of logging onto your bank account from an online computer and seeing that a deposit or wire transfer has increased the available balance. These things can change a bad mood.

I was debating the addition of a category called “Money” on this blog but realized that in some ways it’s redundant to “Mind”, or at least the purpose of that category, since the idea was to write and share ideas about using the mind to find peace and happiness. It all relates to abundance, affluence and prosperity. Money by itself can’t buy these things, it’s all connected to the mind.
Ever since childhood my Mom used the quote from the Bible that “the love of money is the root of all evil” and throughout my life it’s probably been the single toughest lesson to learn, had I remained closer to home it may not have been such a factor but since I was always drawn to explore what was over the next hill, so to speak, I occasionally arrived in distant places with very little or no money. There’s no feeling quite as lonely or desperate as being far from home without the means to afford food or shelter. These are lessons on the learning curve which is money.
Dream of a beach at a tropical paradise then risk it all to get there, only to realize, when you do, that it may have been more pleasant as a dream from a warm bed in a safe home because you have no money to enjoy being there.
Like so many things in life there needs to be balance. The work and preparation are required to make the money to live on the beach in a tropical paradise. The key word is “sustainability”, this brings us back to “mind”. You have to use your mind to achieve the goals you have in life, it’s not just about money, it’s about living and learning, but it’s also about dreaming and taking chances.
It’s true; that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

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