Winning Streak History

I can still remember
the day I registered
back in 1995, I was living in South Florida at the time and there was an
article in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel about a new proposed gambling ship
to be docked at the famous Bahia Mar, the article went on to say that the name
of the boat was the “Winning Streak”. At that time I was involved in
developing one of the first on-line Sportsbooks and we had just installed an
on-line Casino on a server system in Curacao but late at night, about 2:30am in
the morning, I awoke and wondered if the Domain name was available, sprang out
of bed and logged on to the Internet to find out. Imagine that? Winning Streak
was available, so I registered it. The gaming ship project sank.

In the beginning of
the Internet era, most investors who were told about online gambling would just
smile and/or laugh at the notion that people would send money or credit card
information to someone in Curacao, or other far-flung locations, so they could
play games online. Sportsbetting was a little easier to conceive because many
people had already heard of telephone sports betting with shops in Jamaica but
still the number of naysayers and skeptics far outweighed the believers, still
we forged ahead and kept pitching our ideas, always focusing on gaming mavens
thinking they’d be the best target to find a true-believer who would take the
risk and put up the money.

During the last half
of the ’90’s I was so busy working for other people, developing online casinos
and sportsbooks that I didn’t pay any attention to my own domain: Winning
Streak. Then after a very interesting and eye-opening contract in Costa Rica,
where I witnessed some of the most successful Sportsbooks in high-growth mode I
decided it was time to begin developing something on my marquee brand.

From 1999 onward,
the website became
somewhat of a sandbox (test site) for other projects that I was contracted to
work on. In some cases it was a conflict of interest to be working on while consulting for a
gaming company that was essentially targeting the same market, so my own site
would be neglected and slowly fall out of date while traffic dropped off and
sections of the site were left in disrepair. When content management systems
(CMS) came into vogue I started installing these various software systems but
never focused enough attention towards fresh original content and just didn’t
have the time or resources to make the site into anything special.

Ironically, despite
my inattention to
there were years when it made decent money as an affiliate portal, even while I
was spending my time on other tasks. People seemed to want to get on winning
streak so requests would come in every day (and still do) for links, or to join
other programs.

Now that I live a
comfortable life in Brazil and have either completed all projects or delegated
them over to capable partners, I’m left to get back on a winning streak. This
time I’m convinced that Movable Type has the best software, especially the newest
version called “Motion” which leverages the growth and power of
Social Networks, it embraces these other Action Streams (as they’re called) and
pulls them into the dynamic publishing platform to make them part of the

My new challenge is
to upgrade and modernize winning streak, into a practical and useful social
community for gambling enthusiasts, gambling portal webmasters, affiliate
managers and gaming company owners. If you’re reading this and fall into any of
these categories, then please ; get yourself on a


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