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In 2004 I switched to Movable Type personal publishing software (also known as MT), since 2000 I’d been using a software called Radio from one of the original blog inventors, which I suspect is now near extinction, especially since WordPress has become so ubiquitous to blogging. At first I used the MT software just for Blogs as I tested and tried dozens of other content management systems (CMS). At that time there were dozens of PHP code repositories that offered individual components and/or modules, all in Open Source, so web geeks like me could just install theses onto the core and keep adding databases and then the various scripts we needed to achieve the desired applications. The idea was to install all the various scripts and tie it all together on the web.

One of my favorite sites for open source downloads, back in the beginning of the hay-day of the PHP development was, you could get just about any type of program for free and find support on a Forum from an active community of hackers trying to do the same things. Then the CMS “all-in-one” systems came, fast and furious, I tested one after another and settled on Mambo for awhile, then it changed names to Joomla but I became disenchanted with the CMS concept as I found them to be too buggy and never liked the user interface.

Fast forward: Movable Type evolves it’s personal publishing platform to do more things and manage more tasks, the open source community grows and adds more components and modules, which they call plugins. The user interface is superb to anything else and the versatitlity of the software has grown to the point where you can do anything with MT that you could do with any of the 100 or so leading CMS software packages. I dig Movable Type

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