War for the Blood of the Lamb

Stop the Steal” is the Signal in the “War for the Blood of the Lamb”, everything else is noise

Maricopa Arizona audit proves, we must audit every county in America

Will of the people must prevail and justice will be preserved, otherwise the rule of law is dead. What was stolen from of us was innocence, we are all guilty, if we allow 2020 to go down.

If democracy dies in the place of it’s origin (USA), every other country will follow. The Rule of Law is on death row. America is the defendant and anarchy is the verdict, unless justice triumphs. We are all witnesses. Liberty is sentenced to death.

A Day

This election fraud of 2020 is an opportunity to solve a half century old crime. Election theft has plagued our entire planet and we now have the chance to make it right, once and for all. To stop the steal, is the war for the blood of the lamb. Mail-in ballots was a fraud, part of the plan.

Politics aside, the fact of the matter is that systems and software for stealing elections, have existed for as long as computers have existed. Evidence shows that there was foreign interference in the last presidential election. We need to arrest the criminals to save the rule of law and defend the will of the people.

Stop the Steal is the Signal

If we Do Not Stop the Steal now, we will never get another chance. I would say the cup is half full and that the opportunity to hold the line here, defend this hill, far outweighs the consequences of continuing to promise to fix the broken process, at some point in the future.

I will not back down on the mantra “Trump Won” and every day I will remind everyone I can, that the wheels of justice may move slowly but you can NOT steal the United States of America from Trump, or “We the People”. Over our dead bodies, we wish you good luck.

Peace Revolution is happening. “We the People” will not comply with an illegitimate fake president (FJB). The whole world sings; “Let’s Go Brandon! One fake thing is connected to another fake thing. Corona was a weapon of mass distraction, unleashed to steal Democracy from it’s birthplace. The thieves got caught, surrender or perish MoFo.

Trump represents truth

War for the blood of the lamb.

Only one thing will set us free… truth! The Great Awakening is saving us. And guess what? We’re the kind of people who don’t give up. So, Let’s Go Brandon!

Think of Trump as a King involved in a game that you and I can’t see. This game is for everything, including our freedom. The outcome will decide the ingredients of our own blood.

You don’t need to love Trump and you don’t need to understand the blood of the lamb. Just know this, the JAB experiment failed. Data shows that God given anti-bodies are stronger than modified gene therapy.

Illuminati card epidemic : 1995

The warp speed jab, is neither safe nor effective. Do you really think the serum (cure) was invented in 9 months? Is it possible that in a game we can’t see, that President Trump was aware of things no-one else would know? Do you understand politics?

Corona is a very old patented virus and the pandemic card was in the Illuminati card deck for decades. It is really important to know that the war for the blood of the lamb is very, very old. We are witness to a master in Donald Trump, we are watching the greatest story never told.

Remember, I am not a doctor. I can read. History taught me that Government experiments often fail, plus I know that the definition of vaccine was changed, and other words were changed. Herd immunity is too simple of a concept to change but they tried.

My wish is that truth set us free and logic return to humanity, to end the War for the Blood of the Lamb.

Blood of the Lamb Photo by Ben White on Unsplash “Stop the Steal” expression by Steve Bannon



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