#FightBack and Defending the Republic #Winning

Lin Wood and DJT
Remember; “where’s Joey Bribes?” – February ‎4, ‎2021

I am writing in support of Lin Wood, he is on high legal and moral ground. I am also an ardent supporter of Sydney Powell and have built Silicon Forest (website) to help promote Defending the Republic. Every day I read commentary from both Lin and Sydney. My wish is that these two great Patriots unite.

Transparency and full disclosure of Lin’s organization called #FightBack, before money began to flow, is the key to the high legal ground. Remaining true to the “Golden Rule” of Jesus is the key to the high moral ground. Treat other people as you wish to be treated, that’s the “Golden Rule”.

Recently I wrote The War for the Blood of the Lamb, in which I said “Stop the Steal” is the Signal, everything else is noise (borrowed from Steve Bannon). Both Lin and Sydney are Signal, the enemy wants to divide and distract us with noise.

Defending the Republic organization grew and expanded more dynamically, whereas #FightBack was purpose built. Possibly too much rapid growth happened, as Sydney was also involved in other costly legal battles. Most importantly, to my mind, is that she created a defence fund for the January 6th 2021 political prisoners.

The Patriot Movement has fractured, ignore the noise and focus on the signal. Fix 2020 or Bust is what Lin Wood says over and over again. Trust the plan is what Q says. The Best is yet to come is what Trump says. Trust in God is what we all need to say.


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