The Power of Intention and the Purpose of Prayer

Love God

The power of intention is the purpose of prayer. Many people misunderstand the practice of prayer, as it has a religious stigma associated with it, however many people pray without knowing they are. My own belief is that we can manifest our wishes by intending them to happen and prayer is the key for setting that point of intention.

To learn the purpose of existence is the second most important question that anyone should/could ask themselves, the first most important question would (or should be) “does God exist?”

Asking yourself if God exists is natural and normal. Even the most devout scholars of all time have suffered moments of doubt, especially people that have suffered a wicked tragedy, or witnessed something heinous and diabolical where innocent human life has been lost, stolen, or sacrificed, by evil individuals that have zero empathy. Questioning the presence of God occurs most often in heavily stressful and emotionally challenging emergencies, when a person wonders; how could a benevolent God allow such bad things to happen?

Nature provides clues about the endlessness of the cycle of life and death, also the seemingly random events that take place, where one event, say… the falling of an old tree in the forest, which crushes a birds nest and all the eggs in it. Why did that happen? and how does it compare to say… the merciless bombing of a hospital in a foreign war zone. Where is God while all these things happen? Does God really care?

God is often referred to, in generic terms, as the Universal Energy that permeates everything. This is an easier understanding, more related to consciousness, more science-based and usually discussed as a resonance or frequency. In this perspective each living being would be a living re-broadcaster of the signal, or frequency, that is omitting from the very source of all Universal energy.

The power if intention is the purpose of prayer, even if you don’t believe in the theosophical concept of God as the head creator and that mankind (us) was created in his image. Regardless of your beliefs, the daily practice of dedicating your mind to visualizing how you would like to live in this life, and what dreams you wish to make manifest will help. Also, the continual reaffirmation of gratitude for being alive, the appreciation for as many things we could acknowledge as being a blessing (good things) in our lives. This is what makes us achieve better lives.

Be careful what you wish for, if all you can do is consume negative information and have no plan. There’s a war happening, for your mind. Negative knowledge can cause anxiety and the possibility of bringing negative situations into your realm. We must know our enemy and avoid overly focusing on the tactics of parasites that want to hold space in our thoughts. Yes, knowledge is power and we must be aware of evil but must not allow it to consume us.

Every day we have another chance to use the power of intention to make great things manifest and it is by using your mind most effectively, that sets the stage by the very strength of the power of suggestion. Use your imagination to dream about the life you want to live, then set your point of intention and make it happen.

As we move forward and more craziness is discovered and shared, far and wide over the Internet, take the advice of a hero Navy Seal named Michael Jaco and remain “Frosty”.

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