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An emotional week… If I were emotionally weak ~ Vincent Fusca July 16, 2021

I will never forget the moment I learned that John Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren, had perished in a plane crash on their way to Martha’s Vineyard.

Walking out of the Floridian Cafe on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, the newspaper rack had a huge headline about the fatal plane crash of John Jr. The temperature that day was over 90 degrees in the shade but I had a meeting to attend, at a private house on the waterfront, to discuss installing an electronic Sportsbook on the famous SeaEscape, a 550 foot Cruise ship (berthed in Port Everglades). I was invited to the private home of the ships owner, on that dreadful day.

Mirror mirror on the wall…? Vanity shapes our reality. Newspeople and entertainers reign. Makeup always rubs off ~ Vincent Fusca

The newspaper rack outside the Floridia Cafe had John’s picture on the cover and big bold letters that he was dead, all of a sudden I became ill and had to go back inside the air-conditioned restaurant, to reset myself but had never experienced a wave of grief that could cause such a shock to my body. All I could do was keep washing my face, over and over and hope no-one kicked me out, before I could pull myself together.

Since I had worked so hard for the opportunity on the SeaEscape, which I landed but during those moments I was considering calling to reset the meeting, however his house was walking distance from where I was experiencing my melt-down. So I persevered and pulled myself together and made it but I was not my normal self. Lucky for me that the house on the canal was hosting a day of sports TV and gambling, as the host loved to entertain, always had beautiful women around his pool/kitchen, and friends and associates hanging out to drink his booze and bet against him, on anything… Ron will bet on anything.

Oddly there was no-one at the house who was overly alarmed by what had happened and I wasn’t there to bring bad news. I remember all the fun everyone was having and feeling sort of lost inside, just wanted to go back and buy that Sun Sentinel (newspaper) to find out what had happened. All I needed to do was make my presentation and proposal then exit. I don’t remember much else after that but know that I was shaken for days and severely depressed by learning of the loss of John Jr.

Now all these years later, it’s much easier to explain why John meant so much to me in 1999. As we witness the world devolve into some bizarre medical tyranny and all the craziest conspiracy theories of the past 22 years turn out to be true and not theory but fact and way back in the late nineties there was one person confronting the rising tide of Mockingbird media, one magazine called “George” that was exposing propaganda and one person who was clearly coming into power, on the world stage, who would confront all and any form of media deception. I considered John the first outsider, the first person who was not in lockstep with the power structure.

Rocky mountain high! Could Vincent Fusca be John Denver?

My belief is that John and Carolyn, along with Lauren, and perhaps scores of other insiders, staged his plane crash and subsequent death, and were adopted into the witness protection program. There has been a plan in effect, long before John Jr. came along but he was aware of what is now known as “Q” not only aware but I get the feeling that he and the two sisters were elevated to the inside circle of Q planners.

Field McConnel was first to introduce Juan O Savin who started out as “W” and now is the voice from the video of his cowboy boots, of the only “deep throat” insider in the war against evil. Juan speaks words of wisdom and truth, with such conviction that even doubters pay attention to what he is saying. Everyone agrees that Juan O Savin knows of which he speaks and is closer to President Trump (the acting Commander in Chief of the U.S.) than anyone else on media.

John Kennedy and Donald Trump know how to win hearts and minds, one person at a time

I have followed Q posts from the very beginning and knew these were military signals from day one. It was fascinating to me and my instincts told me from the start that Q was benevolent but also lethal. See… words are weapons in a war of ideas. Q represents truth and disclosure to combat incorrect/evil ideas with truth and facts. Q represents military planning at it’s very finest, obviously quantum computers are being used in ever facet of modern warfare, therefore it would stand to reason that such computing power would be used in tactical planning of an information war (i.e Q). Recently, US Army posted on Twitter that they have 5 Quantum computers – go figure? arrayed in a Pentagram at the Pentagon undoubtedly. That truth bomb tells us enough.

When Q says “wait until you learn who you’re talking to”, my intuition is that many times it is CBK (Carolyn Bessette Kennedy), that she is close to the Admin role of Q, which in my understanding, is an AI (artificial intelligence) platform (software system) programmed using the U.S. Defence Department Law of War Manual (code book) and a Westpoint military manual related to conducting a Counter Insurgency. The first rule is to follow international law and not release top secret intel to the public, or break the rules of the Law of War.

This AI game theory requires a Red Queen, only recently did we learn that CBK is (likely) the Red Queen with full Admin access credentials to Q (Quantum AI)

How I envision what happened with Carolyn and Lauren is that being in witness protection and waiting for the enemy to discover that John is actually still alive and working with military intelligence, is cause for concern, and to sit and wait is not an option. So what were her options? Social Networks allow anonymous registrations and many covert operators were camping on profiles with “jfk” in the name and his photo etc. Then there were accounts which were owned by the supposedly deceased and the passwords still work. Therefore, it’s evident to me that the two sisters hatched a plan to use social media counter insurgency tactics and manage dozens and dozens of online identities to infiltrate every influencer and become a social media chameleon the likes of which the world has never known.

With dozens and dozens of social media accounts myself and having managed online marketing operations where multiple accounts and different brands, different messages and different target markets I had to learn exactly what CBK has become a Black-belt Jedi Ninja Master at doing, getting influence inside target groups. Why wait for your enemy to come to you, when you can login and become friends with them by duping them with a false profile. Once you breach a group and become an insider, it becomes easier to triangulate on to larger targets and gain insight into their following. As you master social media marketing your instincts to who is on the other side sharpens.

CBK has potentially infiltrated every social network platform, to mine data & develop lists of enemy agents all across the world

The main premise of Q, is to win hearts and minds by showing the people the evil truth, and leaving breadcrumbs of facts, so that Anons like me, can research the clues and connect the facts. We uncover an evil cabal of compromised civic officials, on every strata, of every level and layer of society. Corruption of almost all corporations, almost all top government officials, religious leaders and most importantly celebrities and professional athletes. The Mockingbird media have license to entertain and were never telling the truth, they are complicit. The corporate mainstream media is the real epidemic and CBK is their nemesis.

Definition of nemesis

1 capitalized : the Greek goddess of retributive justice

Remember; the shit show is lasting this long because there’s a lot of shit to show.

PROJECT CAMELOT, [23.09.21 12:25]
On Friday October1st i will be having author John Koerner ON MY SHOW, He investigated John Kennedy Jr.’s crash and wrote a book called EXPLODING THE TRUTH… watch my recent update where I talk about this story… new info: someone sent this to me: here is a summary of the article and a twist that Mr. Koerner failed to consider when writing his book:
The military alliance, which formed after the JFK SR assassination, had Jr’s back throughout his life and knew there would be attempts on his life.
Jr’s security (military alliance) discovered a bomb on Jr.’s plane. The military replaced it with a bomb that had a trigger (possibly an altitude trigger which would engage the bomb when the plane descended).
A navy pilot flew the plane instead of Jr and family. Pilot played a recording of Jr. asking for permission to land.
The pilot parachuted out in the dark of the night as the bomb was triggered and the plane exploded. (A reason for Jr’s plane take-off at night)
Killary, Bush and DS would believe that their bombing was successful and would make sure any investigation was prevented so their bombing was covered-up. (Jr’s sting operation)
The military alliance made sure that the bomb was so explosive that bodies would have been blown to smithereens and could not be found. Recovery detail was told not to search for/recover bodies (to also prevent evidence of bombing). Perfecto! — summary submitted by a Camelot viewer. AND By a strange coincidence Richard Syrett just interviewed the author recently… (SEE BELOW)

PROJECT CAMELOT, [23.09.21 12:25]
KERRY’S UPDATE 09.21.2021
General Milley, the rift in the military, JFKjr’s crash and what may have really happened…

PROJECT CAMELOT, [23.09.21 12:26]

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