Red Earth Consultants

Red Earth Consultants -North elevation, west elevation, section through living rm. looking north, approximate finished grade west, residence for Charles Millard Pratt (GGUSC-Pratt-208)

Transforming the lives of Indigenous Communities.

Empowering Indigenous communities to succeed on their own terms in today’s global environment.

Drawing on the wisdom, knowledge, strengths, and collective experiences of First Nations’ communities to create innovative housing solutions.

To certify the Modular Homes for sale in Canada, manufactured in China meet the highest standards, Red Earth Consultants apply for approval.

The CSA A277 Standard is a Certification Standard (not a building code). This Standard is used to certify the residential building is in compliance to the building code it is required to comply within the jurisdiction where the home / building will be sited. CSA A277 can be used to certify compliance with the Japanese Building Code, the UK Building Code, the National Building Code of Canada, the Ontario and the Alberta Building Codes, etc.

In the case of Alberta, all homes must meet the Alberta Building Code and therefore, the A277 Standard. Whenever a home is constructed in a manufacturing facility for placement in Alberta, it must be confirmed for compliance to the Alberta Building Code by labels in each home Certifying compliance under the CSA A277 Standard and Alberta Municipal Affairs.

North Carolina Opportunity

Demand for disaster recovery homes in North Carolina has escalated due to hurricane damage and loss, so Red Earth Consultants created an Alliance with a U.S. team seeking modular homes and a Government Approved strategy, to include two home types, modelled for disaster recovery, a workforce home (2 bedroom Bungalow) and an emergency response office on wheels, also known as a “tiny house”.


Red Earth Consultants LLP: President: John Delorme M.Ed. Leadership

Vancouver International Consulting Group President: Leon – P.Eng.

Red Earth Consultants Photo credit: on Visual Hunt / CC BY


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