Peace Plan


Peace is my mission! I asked for it and I got it.

In A Course in Miracles (acim) from the Foundation for Inner Peace, which is a course no-one can fail, I was taught the core value of peace, where to find it and how to obtain it, and make it happen within at will.

All of a sudden, one day, I had solved all my personal problems and then miracles started to happen, and now I can’t stop them, since my own happiness, is causing miracles to happen to other people too.

I’m not even 90 days into the course, very dedicated to the exercises I’ve been given, and already aware why it’s happening (my transformation). Also, I now know exactly how to continue making miracles happen, especially for other people, there’s no distinction in the size of them, or effect, once you learn the process it’s natural.

Everyone is entitled to miracles, without exception. Once you understand who and why, it all makes sense. It’s not the same for any two people but everyone who takes A Course in Miracles will experience an awakening of the inner mind, at some point, maybe earlier than me, or maybe it takes you 180 days. You won’t know, until you know, that you know.

Peace is the key. Peace is so powerful, in fact, that this weapon lays vastly unused and underappreciated, as a concept for improving humanity. The Foundation for Inner Peace has provided the world with the greatest self-help manual of all time. Now is the time go viral with the concept.

Peace and Love Declare War on Hate

Teaching is the best way to learn, they say. Today we will begin teaching A Course in Miracles and Search Engine Marketing, to make more miracles happen, we just add technology.  Our peace plan is to raise the keyword density of the words peace and love.

When we realize how many people suffer needlessly, and how many multitudes more who suffer from war and conflict, which ACIM describes as a “separation from God” and group that ideology (war) and perpetrators together, as the enemy of peace and love, we have a formidable foe.

At first I was daunted by the size of my adversary and the notion that I could do anything to diminish this mountain of madness, however just because the task looks insurmountable doesn’t mean the mountain can’t be moved, with enough faith, practice, consistency and a method with metrics.

Since I’m a web publisher I decided to declare war on the mountain of madness and attack hatred, with peace and love. We are not selling anything and not here to make money. We will only render unto Google that which is Google’s BUT we will render unto the web, that which is Good!


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