China Excursion

Hong Kong to Shenzhen

Epic is a word I’ve never used but is the only single word that begins to describe my China Excursion. It all started from Wan Chai in Hong Kong, with an early morning urban hike and photo shoot, to be the first to board the 7am vernacular tram ride known as Victoria Peak train.

During a recent business trip to Hong Kong I made a China Excursion on a 5 day visa to the Shenzhen economic zone, across the harbor from Hong Kong, I was interested to see the area nearest the border of the New Territory in what I think is the future Boca Raton of Shenzhen and tropical port town of Yantian.

Wutong Mountain is a rare natural scenic spot in China, which is located in urban area, with coastal mountains and natural vegetations as its main scenery. There are eight scenery blocks such as “Musical Instrument in Phoenix Valley”, “Wutong Clouds”, “A Phoenix Perching on the Green Wutong”, “East Lake Park” and “Fairy Lake Botanical Garden” etc. In 1993 it was awarded the title of National Park of Guangdong by the Guangdong Provincial Government. In December 2009, it was conferred the title of National Park of China by the State Council.

With range of green hills, Wutong Mountain rises gradually from west to east. There are three main peaks, namely Small Wutong, Bean Curd Head and Great Wutong, which are called “Three Towering Peaks” in history. With an attitude of 943.7 metres (3,096 ft), Great Wutong is the highest peak in Shenzhen. The majestic mountain reflects the vast Roc Bay and matches the cloud which changes irregularly. It connes Hong Kong with streams and mountains. Known far and wide, Wutong Mountain has a long history. “Wuling Heavenly Pound” had been praised as one of eight sceneries in Xin’an County in history. Now, “Wutong Clouds” has been listed as one of eight new sceneries of Shenzhen for its capricious and magic scenery.

Praised as “City Lung” vividly, vast vegetation of Wutong Mountain from the significant ecological barrier of Shenzhen. The forest coverage rate of Wutong Mountain reaches 88.6%. The types of vegetation in the mountain are multiple. South subtropics seasonal rainforest, mountainous orderly broad-leaf forest, hilltop dwarf forest, hilltop shrubs and glasses are distributed orderly from the foot to the top of the mountain. At present, such ecological sceneries as “Ten miles flowers of Rhododentron” and “Camellia flowers sea of Wutong” etc, which constructing according to the natural conditions of Wutong Mountain display striking “flower sea” sceneries.

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