On becoming a filmmaker

Stanley Kubrick - Filmmaker
Just writing those words for this title: “On becoming a filmmaker” makes my hands shake because in my mind that distinction is reserved for people next to the Gods. I’m a huge Terantino fan but way before that, and for ever after, I’m a freak for Stanley Kubrick, as well as an absolute groupie of David Lynch but my list of adoration for movie cinema doesn’t stop there, rather it starts there and goes on for pages.

There are so many great filmmakers that it staggers the imagination, it’s just that I never thought, or supposed, that I would ever have the chance to be one of them AND now I do because tonight, in Hollywood, it’s the Academy Awards, better known as the “Oscars” and for the first time in history and Internet geek, like me, is bringing the info to the masses by Video Logging (vlogging) and preparing a film, for the masses, over the night. His name is Casey Neistat and he’s my new hero!

This is the “reality” of reality TV! One person creates the entire episode, every time, with no hidden agenda or sponsored message. Pure reality, streamed in your face, every day. We have crossed an important demarcation point from which we may actually gain ground and become much closer to the real “truth”, than what is currently called “Reality Television”. We have reached a major milestone, where youtube and all of the social infrastructure that surrounds it, all of a sudden becomes as important as mainstream media’s canned, packaged, over-produced and heavily-processed, mind-numbing, made-for-the-masses, mainstream “synthetic truth”, film-production.

We Internet geeks and Youtube warriors have crossed the Rubicon, there’s no coming back and it’s up to us, now that Casey has breached the gate, to attack! The door is open for us and the entire world is turning towards a new information source. It’s one to the many, or one to none, it doesn’t matter, we all have been given the green-light and shown the future.

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