The Big Pineapple

the Big PineappleHave you ever wondered, what was the best of the best city in the world, for night life?

Wonder no-more, I’m going to tell you.

There is no Bar-Culture on earth like Brazil. How do I know this? = Experience.

I will admit, that Barcelona, Perth in Western Australia rocks and Hong Kong is cool but after 12 years living in Miami I set the bar very high, and having lived in, and or partied at, practically the best night-life spots on the planet, speaking from 55 years of experience and weighing it against California, which for me is the Mecca, I can honestly say that Sampa (Sao Paulo) is so far above and beyond those other night-life experiences as to warrant it’s own category.

Sampa, or as I prefer to call it, the “Big Pineapple” is in a league of it’s own, as the most fabulous city on earth – with no rivals.

The “Big Pineapple” was the name my Amigo and attorney, Gustavo – (note: smokin-hot poker player) gave to place, as far as I  know, unless someone else had named it “the Big Pineapple” but from my limited research, Gustavo named it – “the Big Pineapple” and to me and, if Hunter S. Thompson was still alive, just like; Elvis has left the building, then he, Hunter, and actually both, would concur, that Sampa (Sao Paulo, Brasil) is the “the Big Pineapple”, without a doubt.

Cidade da Garoa, is the moniker Sao Paulo wears – the city of drizzle, which is too true. This city is inside a rain-forest, the natives, or to be more politically correct, the indigenous people, called it a “forest of stone”  because of all the the concrete towers. Truly, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen. Take for example the Los Angeles basin, of if you prefer; LA, it has a physical footprint, on mostly flat land, of 60km by 30km, pushed-up against the Pacific. This grid is 60km by 60km but realistically over twice the footprint of LA.

So what makes it so sweet, to earn the Pineapple distinction? That’s the best question you could ever ask because like a Pineapple, you must not be fooled what you see on the surface. In order to taste the sweetness of Sampa, you must bite into what you do not see on the surface and sink your teeth into something that is beyond your (due to previous programming) ability to comprehend. That is, the sweetness, of what twenty-one million people living together, in an un-harmonic harmony, sounds and feel like – love!

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