Big Rock Brazil

Big Rock BrazilPedra Grande is actually the name of this magical place I discovered about 100km from Sao Paulo. Big Rock Brazil was a brand idea for creating a mountain bike resort on a private property in Pedra Grande. Btw: (by the way) Pedra translates to English as stone or rock and grande is large or big, well the name “Big Rock Brazil”, for marketing purposes, just seemed like a no-brainer.
Aaron on Big Rock Brazil

My friends that own the magical place called Pousada Pedra Grande Atibaia liked the Gringo brand idea, next we developed a website and started planning some ideas for helping them grow their business, as well as recruit a crew to build North American “style” downhill mountain bike trails. Check out the best mountain bike comparisons on to help you choose a great bike for these trails. This Pousada/resort has the best natural terrain of anywhere in Brazil for building a mountain bike park, with a 7km public road access all the way to the top of Pedra Grand (Big Rock).

A haven for those seeking challenging mountain bike terrain, for downhill, enduro and or free riding in a tropical mountain paradise, only 100 km from Sao Paulo. Located 15km from the city of Atibaia, occupies an area of 90 acres, with an average altitude of 1200 m.

Founded in the 1970s, Pousada Pedra Grande Atibaia, offers you a unique service, one of the most beautiful regions, located on the mountain, near the tourist city of Pedra Grande, a place full of history and culture. Ever since the beginning, this family-owned operation has been designing, developing, building and grooming a network of walking, hiking and mountain-bike riding trails, as well as extreme and ultra sport courses, to provide wide variety of recreation and rainforest action/adventure sports, from the valley bottom, all the way to the top of the famous Pedra Grande.

Being in touch with nature, with the fauna and the native flora of the Atlantic Forest, rest comfortably, have fun with family and friends, do business or attend events, training and sports.

Pousada Pedra Grande Atibaia is a tropical paradise of tranquility and satisfaction.

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