Dealing with Dystopia

tyranny and dystopia
The reason for reading the Ultimate Thinking Machine is to understand that there is an optimistic future, according to the world’s foremost futurist, Ray Kurzweil and he’s in good company amongst academics and tech mavens from Silicon Valley. They all share a consensus that our world will be better in the future. There are plenty of reasons to believe that we’re just going through some challenging times at present.

Let’s try to be clear about where we’re currently at. It’s my contention, based on all the available information, that our world first contracted chronic Dystopia in 1963 from what was a coup d’etat but more well known as the Kennedy assassination (unless you believe the magic bullet theory). This act was followed by four decades of nefarious skulduggery, tyranny and global domination, pillaging and looting, leading up to the greatest act of psychological warfare ever enacted on NYC to the world, then broadcast to every inhabitant on earth, repeatedly, with the greatest amount of deep emotional programming.

Every one of us, has been affected permanently, by powerful psychological programming.

The first step in curing any malady is to recognize that there is a Dis-ease. Let’s call a spade a spade, dystopia is a disease. Next, identify the symptoms, for example; lethargy, depression, resentment of authority, pessimism, lack of trust in financial systems, and loss of ambition, just to name a few. Plus, fast-forward to today and add to our diagnosis additional mitigating factors such as chemtrails, Fukishima, the end of Europe (as we knew it), imminent and unavoidable economic collapse, Trump or Hitlery for President in 2016 and WW3 in Syria. Now, to suggest that we’re in stage 3 terminal dystopia sounds like an understatement.

To deny or ignore the dire straights that we currently find our world in, a person would need to be either brain-dead or completely ignorant. It’s really easy to understand how a person can catch this curse.

The sixty four thousand dollar question is; how do we get rid of this sickening dis-ease?

So what’s a person suffering from too much truth supposed to do? Treatment: Get over it. Recommendation: Move on, there’s nothing to see here….

Photo credit: Tortured Mind via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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