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Self-portrait of Casey Neistat standing in front of a camera on a tripod atop a sand dune in the desert with camels in the background. Apparently taken during filming "Make It Count" for Nike.

Casey Neistat Rocks the Oscars

Casey Neistat is a Game-Changer The back-story, in case you’ve never heard of Casey Neistat, is that he was an accomplished filmmaker who also had created YouTube videos that had gone viral (over one million views). His YouTube channel grew in popularity, so he started making videos more often. Other people started making videos about […]

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Stanley Kubrick - Filmmaker

On becoming a filmmaker

Just writing those words for this title: “On becoming a filmmaker” makes my hands shake because in my mind that distinction is reserved for people next to the Gods. I’m a huge Terantino fan but way before that, and for ever after, I’m a freak for Stanley Kubrick, as well as an absolute groupie of […]

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