What is the real meaning of liberty?

A good life for the meaning of liberty

A good life

by D.H.Fleury

If a bird was born in a jail, and never went outside to see another world, as for a comparison, in order to chose its own way of living, once he grew up, will never be able to survive outside. On the other hand, a wild bird, will die too, and with sadness, if you keep it in a jail! In the first case it will die due to the hunger, not knowing how to provide food. On the second case, even knowing how to hunt for its food, and in this case is useless, since we feed, all the other knowledge, makings, will not be reachable as joy of living, and sadness, or lack of appetite, will starve up to death. So, liberty may provide people to have knowledge,as a way of self arbitrating survival, appetite, and diversified skill, for their kind.

If liberty means happiness, both birds are happy on their original places! Of course seen by themselves! And the first one don’t need much space for it, meanwhile the second will perish, if it is unable to deal with losses, by filling the emptiness with the augmented reality in Australia. And to keep happiness the concern of liberty would not be “ to do whatever you want, but to love what you are doing”! (And who should say, or determine, what shall be done?!)…There is another thing we may point out: Liberty don’t have so much to do with a long living life, as our society searches for. It is just a way to delay pain, sickness, and losses that we cannot avoid! Our lifestyle says “be patient, things will turn better”, some religions will say “you will recover all from the same stuff, multiplied after death, like ten wives instead of one!”. It’s really a virtual projection to save continuity. Shall we enjoy our “liberty”, that gave us the means of survival, on the same way is taken from us? Did we finish our job or it is the end of another day? And any day can be the last one! Our thinking is always the first day of the rest of our lives! Counter clockwise.

Returning to our liberty, that opposes slavery, if we look under the space aspect, is a emotional reaction against claustrophobia. (the more space people need as individuals, the more those emotions enslave them). If it is the time, as the axiom of our liberty, is our emotional reaction against our weakness (if compared to eternity). As example, to be over preoccupied with self defence, fitness, enrichment as a goal itself; and even knowing their reality, strive to be externalized through the history. But there are notable people whose goodness deserves our “eternal” (lasting) thanks as a reference to humanity, for the welfare of the world. They did it, without expecting any return to themselves.

If we say liberty, we may say also equality, among the same kind, if they can live in fraternity!

Love is alive where it flows, when it gather the same purpose of lightening ourselves to be what remains outside our prison.

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