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Ignacio de Loyola

Ignacio de Loyola

Casa Dom Ignacio de Loyola is named after Ignatius of Loyola (Spanish: Ignacio de Loyola) (ca. October 27, 1491 – July 31, 1556) was a Spanish knight from a local Basque noble family, hermit, priest since 1537, and theologian, who founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and, on 19 April 1541, became its first Superior General. Ignatius emerged as a religious leader during the Counter-Reformation. Loyola’s devotion to the Catholic Church was characterized by absolute obedience to the Pope.

After being seriously wounded in the Battle of Pamplona in 1521, he underwent a spiritual conversion while in recovery. De Vita Christi by Ludolph of Saxony purportedly inspired Loyola to abandon his previous military life and devote himself to labour for God, following the example of spiritual leaders such as Francis of Assisi. After claiming to experience a vision of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus at the shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat in March 1522, he went to Manresa, where he began praying for seven hours a day, often in a nearby cave, and formulating the fundamentals of the Spiritual Exercises. In September 1523, Loyola reached the Holy Land to settle there, but was sent back to Europe by the Franciscans.

Between 1524 and 1537, Ignatius studied theology and Latin in the University of Alcalá and then in Paris. In 1534, he arrived in the latter city during a period of anti-Protestant turmoil which forced John Calvin to flee France. Ignatius and a few followers bound themselves by vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. In 1539, they formed the Society of Jesus, approved in 1540 by Pope Paul III, as well as his Spiritual Exercises approved in 1548. Loyola also composed the Constitutions of the Society. He died in July 1556, was beatified by Pope Paul V in 1609, canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622, and declared patron of all spiritual retreats by Pope Pius XI in 1922. Ignatius’ feast day is celebrated on July 31. Ignatius is a foremost patron saint of soldiers, the Society of Jesus, the Basque Country, and the provinces of Gipuzkoa and Biscay.

Many of the concepts used in the work of John of God are based on some of the ideas discovered by Ignatius and that is where the idea come from, to put your right hand over your heart, on your chest. Also, the understanding that many people in prayer produce an unseen energy, which can be used for healing.

Spiritual viewpoint

In Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, The Trinitarian God (God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit) and Satan are active players in the world and in the human psyche (soul). The main aim of the Exercises is the development within the human psyche (soul) of “discernment” (discretio), the ability to discern between good and evil spirits. Discernment is achieved in order to act “with the Grace of God”. In other words, to act on the spiritual discernment one receives, by seeking Truth and listening in contemplative prayer with Jesus, on what is right.

This is the context within which, during the exercises, and in continuing the process thereafter, one seeks from Jesus: the virtue of humility (to recognize and accept Truth), selflessness for the sake of Love, and the reflection on, self-awareness of, and termination of personal sin. There is an acknowledgment that the human soul is continually drawn in two directions: both drawn towards Godliness / goodness, and at the same time tempted towards sinfulness / evil. Accordingly, the Exercises provide several illustrations of how one might best be able to refrain from satiating one’s lower and evil desires and instead how one might find a means to redirect one’s energies towards the fulfillment of one’s higher and loving way of being and purpose in life.

It also needs to be understood that at the heart of Ignatian thought “discernment”, while on the one hand being an act of mysticism, can also be understood as a method of subjective ethical thought. The Exercises emphasize the role of one’s own “discernment” in deciding what is the path to glorify God (the right path). “Discernment” attempts to make a direct connection between the individual exercitant’s thought and action and the Grace of God. Discernment is thereby an action which emphasizes the mystical experience of the believer. This aspect of the Spiritual Exercises is very much typical of the mystical trend in Catholic thought and practice which both preceded the reformation, beginning with the first 12 Apostles, and lived on within elements of counter-reformation Catholicism (cf. Theresa of Avila; François de Sales; Pierre de Bérulle).

John of God in Abadiania, Brazil

John of God is a faith healer, the most famous alive. He is said to channel the spirit of Ignacio-de-Loyola (amongst other entities), so I went there to seek treatment for my broken ankle and some personal issues. Immediately upon arriving in the enormous compound and fazenda I know that I’m in store for an interesting experience, to say the least and quite possibly something life-altering.

I learned the steps, to get a ticket and wait in line for a chance to momentarily pass in front of John of God, and ask him to help improve my leg, he quickly tells me to return for a surgery the next morning at 8 am. When I stood in front of this man he was emanating energy like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, from his throne-like chair, surrounded by massive crystals. He has an innocence about him and vibration of benevolence, that made me instantly feel that he was very special and this was a most beneficial meeting. I am convinced that he is a man of Love and has nothing but good intentions.

My surgery was promptly at 8, as I was led to the front of the room, past dozens of volunteers who were deep in prayer/meditation, to wait with my hand on heart and eyes closed, at the empty chair (beside enormous crystals) where I had met John of God (for 30 seconds) the previous day. I could sense the immense energy omitting from him before I even opened my eyes. The energy is like bright white light, behind closed eyes but anyone would be able to sense it. When the soft voice said to open my eyes, there he was beckoning me to approach him, then asking me to walk in front of him so he could look at my ankle. He then asked

    if I wanted it out

and I replied yes please, then he said;

it’s done, go ahead and walk now and keep on going.

I walked out without pain or a limp.

The assistants intercepted me and took me to an infirmary where I remained for 3 hours. Now I’m in a 24 hour period of sequestration, as the entities are still working on me and will come again in 6 nights for a check-up. John of God is the tool (he says), that God has allowed the entities to work through. I have been blessed with an amazing experience that will never leave me for the rest of my life, also I will be able to call upon these entities forever and when I ascend above this current plane, I will know them in person.


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