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The FATCA Solution Book

The FATCA Solution Book

FATCA 10,000 guarantor loans has changed the financial and tax environment for Americans working, living, or investing abroad and any alien causing a capital transfer in USD. As a result of FATCA, many old and new rules regarding assets held by Americans outside the United States are enforced.

The good news in this book is that FATCA, the US Treasury and the IRS provide a straight forward road that will prompt many Americans and those who deal in USD to take the way that address their issues.

This book is about how both U.S. persons with foreign accounts and Non-US person who are transferring capital in USD can structure themselves to benefit from both the consequence and the ”unintended consequence” of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

As it has been so cleverly pointed out onĀ that everywhere a USA person or a non-US person is investing in anything, what so ever, is denominated in USD whether it is real estate, an investment fund, instrument, a share, private equity, bank account and so on, anywhere in the world, is subject to FATCA.

In addition to the unforeseen consequence that a U.S. persons is rejected from opening an account with a foreign financial institution because of the cumbersome and costly compliance programs which they must effect. There are also indirect consequences daily to movements of capital between commercial businesses and on financial collective funds that deal in U.S. dollar securities or instruments.

So, both the individual and institutional level is problematic and therefore means whether a US person or if one is a US person and the other a non-US person on even very straight forward to VA loans in Arizona US dollar investment or dealing they need to declare under FATCA rules, even at 3rd or 4th hand, if there are any US person connections.

FATCA exemption is a valid road for U.S. persons who are investing in or holding assets overseas and also for non-U.S. persons who are transferring USD capital.

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How to Report Zero Value on IRS Form 8938: Brought to you by FATCA

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