Emerald Tablets and the Halls of Amenti

All day today, for some reason, I had this echoing reminder to post something about the Halls of Amenti, as it’s the most descriptive explanation of a place I’ve been trying to articulate experiences that have occurred to me, on two instances that I was distinctly aware of and very possibly another instance when I drowned and was revived.

Many accounts in professional psych journals about near death experiences recalling the life review, which is a high speed recollection of happy moments and what seems like a million faces, most of which are your own, through the years. This was named a life review but it’s the place of incredible love and tranquility where you arrive after what seems more like an immense data download into the brain (all of a sudden you know things and the world makes more sense).

When you arrive instantly you understand that you’ve been there before and it takes some deduction to realize that anything you ask is answered by some form of knowledge conveyance that’s rapid and yet timeless and infinite, connecting to more information and off into infinity. The feeling is peaceful and exciting at the same time as precious and fleeting, since it requires the type of physical calm and environmental perfection that are often difficult to sustain. This is the reason men seek caves to isolate into.

The Halls of Amenti was described by Edgar Cayce, so it’s no-wonder so many people are still interested to explore this topic. Interesting also to consider the size of the body of evidence that is building, that through practice and conditioning more and more people can experience higher dimensional realms in our own minds.

Ascension appears to me, the primary purpose of the Emerald Tablets but I’m no expert, just a curious soul, trying to articulate, my own experience.

The Emerald Tablets – What Are The Halls of Amenti? (from Reddit)

“Emerald Tablet 2 is about the Halls of Amenti. But what does Thoth mean with the Halls of Amenti?

There are many speculations what the Halls of Amenti could be. From mystical realms to stargates, or something underneath the Sphinx. Misconceptions are easily born by taking words literally. To transpose them literally from the mystical domain to the material domain is a mistake.

The Halls of Amenti act as a distortion filter between our physical being and the Soul. It is the realm between the Omega Point and our 3D world. Reincarnation happens from the Halls of Amenti back into a new physical body. This will continue to go on until you finally “get it”, i.e. that the physical world is an illusion.

The term Omega point (and Noosphere) was first coined by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and stands for the highest level of consciousness, i.e. God consciousness.

The Halls of Amenti, the ultimate hall of mirrors, is the realm of the great illusion that is only passable by knowledge, wisdom, and complete lack of Karma. After passing the Halls of Amenti merger with the Omega Point follows.

If that idea completely resonates with you, there’s an immense task waiting for you!” Here’s an excellent resource: https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Where-or-What-Are-The-Halls-of-Amenti

Photo by MAURO VESCOVI on Unsplash

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