Brain Parachute for Cognitive Dissonance

The mind is like a parachute, they say…. it works better when open.

What if everything you thought about the world was wrong? Imagine if one event in history were different and that one thing happened before you were born and everyone who came before you was so convinced, that this one thing, was a fact but then one day, it became known that history was modified, and a lie replaced the truth of the matter.

Now here comes the mind exercise; what if Hitler didn’t die in Berlin as was reported? What if he lived out his life in Bariloche, Argentina as the evidence suggests?

What if the elites of Germany moved to America into top positions inside the military industrial complex? Naturally the central intelligence agency (according to “Operation Paperclip” ) and now what if we expand on this theory, and consider the magnitude of this deception against our own worldview?

Who is the King of England?

Then there’s the evidence of a new King of England because the previous royal family were illegitimate and hijacked the position through nefarious means that were documents and a century later the skulduggery was contested in an International tribunal, which apparently ruled in favour of the plaintiff, one Gregory Hallett. Time will tell but it looks legit.

Other revelations are the completion of debt servitude agreements between USA and European powers that were 200 years old, paid in full and the purported backing of an Asian dynasty named after a dragon, with a legendary stash of gold, cash, liquid assets and bonds, enough to pay-off the entire global debt. So yeah, this is a time of tremendous potential change.

Our current situation is causing every soul on earth to ask questions about our history and how we arrived in chaos

Cognitive dissonance is cause from the inability to stretch the imagination to accompany the new understanding. The brain parachute is having an open enough mind to be able to hold two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. For example Mother Theresa as a ruthless child trafficker, or the Pope wearing red shoes made from humans.

Well I had never wanted to address these topics because there’s still no actual undeniable proof of either the above two crazy stories but that’s why it’s a brain parachute because if you can allow your mind to probe these potential scenarios then you have started expanding your ability to cope with cognitive dissonance.

Information leads to more questions but also to the remedy to cognitive dissonance, which is reason and logic. The time to process ideas is the necessary, since reason and logic aren’t instant like intuition or instinct.

Truly tough and weird questions, such as some of the weirdness that is now happening in our world, demands that each individual closely examine their own worldview. Remember; no-one gets out of here alive, unless you know how, and for that I recommend the Gospel of Thomas.

Brain Parachute Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash


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