Peace as a Business Model

Peace as a business model, to end war with financial contributions, donations and corporate sponsors. Of the current armed conflicts around the world, all can be solved using the CIA Factbook with reason, logic, and innovative software systems, connected to Crowdsource platforms with social media marketing.

Currently there are just 10 armed conflicts that we should be worried about in 2020 according to the Crisis Group.

To all of these powers, conflict prevention or resolution carries scant inherent value.

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2020 – International Crisis Group, CEO Robert Malley

Each war presents an enormous opportunity any of which Can create substantial monetary gain for masses of people and fortunes could be made by the Agents of peace. The reason it’s never been done, is that no-one ever thought of adding a value proposition to peace.

The reason conflicts exist are most often legitimate, however can almost always solved with money. And until this day Open Source FinTech Solutions and Innovation social marketing strategies have not been applied but they are used effectively in other industries, just not applied to ending war.

Shiva Ayyadurai

If we use info weapons and Technology with process mapping, demonstrated in the brilliant solutions presented by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email. Ayyadurai holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including a Ph.D. in biological engineering, and is a Fulbright grant recipient.

Dr. Shiva shows how to use process mapping to solve any problem in the human body in this process mopping logic can be used to solve any problem with reason. Add crowdsourcing and social media marketing and citizen journalists to seek corporate sponsors then align with stake-holders on the ground to begin helping people to help themselves, with global assistance.

If there’s money in war, then there must be tenfold that amount of money in peace.

Grievances must be settled legally. And all voices must be heard cases and complaints filed. And due process respected. To fairly deliberate a judgment or a referral For further investigation None of this. Is providing the solution but it needs to be separated from the problem. If we remove the noise from the topic and drill down. To get the facts Find evidence. Authorize a referral for investigation when there’s overwhelming evidence or proof dictates. But use crowd Source systems To solve The problem and create. Peace Peace can be purchased by the crowdsource stakeholders. Citizens And concerned Citizens 

Peace as a business model will quickly end armed conflicts around the world. The reason it’s never been done before is because no-one ever thought about how to monetize peace and how make financially incentive a lucrative profit center for turning fighters into farmers and fishermen.


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