Austin Steinbart Rocks as QAnon

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

Austin Steinbart is recent to me And to be clear, I have followed QAnon from it’s inception and always had the feeling that the information was useful and from a benevolent source. The posts were military style and evidently code written by an intelligence agency, or experts in that field. These are signals, to use the correct jargon and I wanted to learn them.

Austin Steinbart has helped me learn more about the quantum Internet and the future of information warfare by the use of “drip nurture” strategic marketing. Whether or not he is actually Q is not for debate, he doesn’t say he is and is guarded about telling the exact truth. Machiavellian for sure and if he were not, then he would be fake. If he can’t follow orders, then he wouldn’t win the position, which is to make the Q movement go public.

Q has an obsession with zero delta and time stamps to a level of precision that I’d never seen before. Having a background in online poker software, random number generators and systems to detect card cheating, it became clear, early on to me, that Q was super sophisticated and I could sense that these signals were not meant for me specifically but were aiming at an equally lethal, sophisticated enemy.

My impression as I was drawn into the content was that we are witnessing a high-stakes game of war, being conducted by AI running on quantum computers. I knew this tech was in use and heard about the release of Tyler, so it was intriguing to imagine that good versus evil was happening via quantum computing and an insane form of time-warp tactics, where the future proves the past. Austin Steinbart calls it “drip nurture”.

Part 3 of the series

Knowing as we know now, that Google is working with China and have Andreno the Quantum and Chrome the worlds most popular web browser. Therefor if the two giants team up, as it appears they have, then all the data vacuumed up by Jack Ma with Alibaba Quantum (the world’s most powerful super computer). The marriage is Andreno Chrome on Alibaba steroids when NEW AI is deployed on the top of that massive twin platform.

Elon Musk is the wildcard in the game and as hard as it may be to understand; Julian Assange and together the promise of unleashing the Nikola Tesla treasury trove of anti-gravity, free energy and frequency medicine. The man to lead us towards the disclosure is Austin Steinbart and he has a plan that includes bringing QAnon movement into the light and normalize the strategy. This is the great awakening.

Austin Steinbart is bringing the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) into the light and promises to represent us with honesty and integrity. The hope and promise is that Space Force will have a civilian division where a new type of keyboard warrior can help defend America from threats foreign and domestic online and that these people will have authority and support of military strike force units that can put boots at the door of a crime.

Austin Steinbart Rocks as QAnon! Give him a chance and re-think how Space Force can be a force of good in the future. Peace!

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