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There’s a distinct correlation between the number of proposals presented and the success of an enterprise. However, it’s not just how many proposals are written and presented but how well they are written and how compelling they are for a client to accept, without further ado.

In most cases it’s the proposal that lands the deal, with Bidsketch you can increase the chances that your proposal is the best it can be.

Look More Professional With Client Landing Pages

Potential clients look at every interaction to help them decide if they want to hire you. At the same time, things are more competitive than ever. So how do you stand out? Giving clients a landing page where they can view, approve, export, and comment on their proposal quickly sets you apart. This is a clear way using online proposal software like Bidsketch shows that you’re a professional.

How much faster could you close deals if you never had to worry about proposals and RFPs again?

What if, with a few clicks, you could send off a proposal that you know:

  • Makes you look professional and inspires client confidence in you as a businessperson and partner?
  • Has ALL the correct, updated information (no more embarrassing mistakes!)?
  • Will they even read it? How will I know?
  • Lets you see into your prospect’s decision-making process?
  • Will close the sale and make you the money you deserve?

Ditch the endless scanning, signing, and reformatting for good, so you can close deals fast and get down to the business that matters: your work.

That’s why top companies (both small business and enterprise) moved away from Microsoft Word and are using Bidsketch for their proposal management.

Thousands of people are closing more sales in less time with Bidsketch. Join now and get a sneak peek at a sample proposal.

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