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Richest woman in the World

Ruth Parasol is one of the founders of PartyGaming. A controversial figure, Ms. Parasol refuses to be interviewed. Listed as # 164 on the Forbes 400 List, with a Net Worth of $1.8 B. The British IPO of PartyGaming resulted in a storm of tabloid and mainstream press coverage of Ms. Parasol, which further clouded […]

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Recommending Movable Type

Ever since I’ve been using Movable Type (MT) I’ve never taken the time to write a recommendation or review. Perhaps I was too busy using their awesome software, to write about how great I think it is? Whatever the reason, the matter is being addressed right now. The first Blog I installed MT for was […]

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Blown away by Wilma

Having lived in South Florida for 12 years, and endured several bad Hurricane season’s and survived a couple near direct hit’s, including the infamous “Andrew” (I was 50 miles from ground zero, in a very safe cinder-block house, several miles from the beach), I know the helpless feeling for residents of the areas in the […]

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Offshore on-line gaming

The growth in offshore Internet gambling, surpasses any other industry sector, and is one of the hottest topics today. Experts say the business is in it’s infancy and predict it to generate revenues exceeding $100B within 10 years. Bear Stearns Securities came out with a report suggesting that the industry would reach $125 Billion by […]

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Urchin Summary Report

Profile Rankings by Unique User Sessions – 14,338 – 13,551 – 9,644 – 6,225 – 3,688 – 2,423 – 1,867

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RSS Top 55 – Blog submit guide

Robin Good created a site called “What Communication Experts Need To Know” and besides being an all-round excellent resource for anything related to web publishing, it’s “the” place on the Net to learn about how to increase Blog traffic, by submissions to “Blog specific” search engines and directories. If you’ve got a Blog and you […]

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(PRWEB) – London (PRWEB) October 13, 2005 –-, through an associated site, is seeking self-motivated business leaders and networkers to help them promote their brand name and industry leading casino and poker sites. The unique combination of three leading trends – internet, gaming and network marketing – means that players and promoters can […]

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The best laid plans

Typical for me that I’d procrastinate in writing something for the new category “body”, as it seems like it’s the last thing that get’s my attention, despite firm resolve to be more active, and for that matter, proactive, in improving my health. It’s so easy to blame it on all the hours I spend hunkered […]

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Mind matters – Just do it!

Living in Brasil I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am, to have good health, great family, an education, and the means to provide an income for myself and family. Life is sweet! I enjoy living in South America, for all it’s bad points I’m able to find enough good to make up for it. […]

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Brother and sister

My sister Shelley and I have always been close friends, and living here in Brasil I think about her often and miss hanging-out with her. Now the baby she’s carrying in the photo, has turned out to be a great little boy, my nephew Jacob. A couple of days ago I received pictures from Canada […]

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