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Ever since I’ve been using Movable Type (MT) I’ve never taken the time to write a recommendation or review. Perhaps I was too busy using their awesome software, to write about how great I think it is? Whatever the reason, the matter is being addressed right now.
The first Blog I installed MT for was called Trader Wizard, the Capital Markets Guide, (now defunct) and that was back in the early part of 2004. That Blog went on to become quite busy and was the first test and learning curve about “comment spam”. Since then I’ve installed a half dozen or more Blogs using this same great software, and subsequently mastered dealing with comment spam by installing the MT specific, open-source software solutions.

What I’ve come to really appreciate about Movable Type is the developer community and the excellent support. If you have a problem with an installation, or a glitch in the customization of your Blog, you can get assistance either via the Forums or by submitting a help ticket through the on-line support. I purchased a multi-user licence in mid-2005 and have become a member of the MT Developers Group, although I haven’t contributed much aside from a few post in the MT Forum. Usually help is only 24 hours away with MT, that is if you can’t find the solution yourself, somewhere in the excellent User documentation.
Another great feature about Movable Type is the selection of Templates (or Themes), either from the “style repository” on the MT site or from any of the many designers that offer Free MT themes for the taking (via download). The other very cool thing is the Plugins, which are actually small software programs in their own right, designed to integrate into the MT software.
Recently a new Plugin was introduced by MT called the “Style Catcher”, consider that these nifty upgrades have been invented and developed by independent programmers, for no direct benefit to themselves, except that the software solved a particular thing that they felt needed to be addressed. The Plugin is then licensed to the general public- free – wow is that cool. The Style Catcher enables anyone to quickly and easily control Theme selection, by connecting to the Style repository, where you select and try any of the available Themes on your Blog.
I installed a new Blog for a friend and she loves the fact that she can experiment with any of the free Themes, until she get’s the style that most suits her Blog. Otherwise she’d need to master HTML to make a unique style.
I love Moveable Type! My hat goes off to all the smart people who’ve devoted thier time, to make the MT system the best Blog software available – in my humble opinion.

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