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I spent 2 hours in the Brasil Policia Federal office in Sao Paulo to finalize my application for permanent residence status. The process is laughable because of all the bureaucratic obstacles put in your way and the number of times you must pay fees to the government, but for the privilege of living in this great country, these few inconveniences are well worth the hassle, as this place is truly wonderful.
After 12 years living in Miami and traveling through much of USA and Canada, plus tours of Central America and parts of the Caribbean, I’m qualified to make an opinion. Also, in my early 20’s I lived 3 years in Australia and traveled seeking adventure twice through S.E. Asia via Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and across Malaysia, prior to my backpacking days I worked on Pipeline and Oilfield construction (plus many other jobs) in the great white North of my homeland, Western Canada.

When I was 19 years old I had a vision while living in a work-camp on the edge of the Arctic Circle, that I would become involved with Computer Networking and someday be instrumental in helping other people to find new ways to live, learn, work, and earn enough money to travel and be happy (away from sub-zero, 7-day per week, 12-16 hour per day working conditions). Reading about the early days of the Internet prompted my vision. Now, I’m 44 years old and have made a living (although sometimes sparse) for over 12 years from learning how to develop websites on the World Wide Web.
This weblog was started as a way in which I can give back. Even if one person reads my message and gets empowered to embark upon a similar path of independence, then I’ll have used this medium to help make the world a better place because whatever it takes to be happy and free is worth whatever struggle and sacrifice you have to make. It’s not easy to make money from web sites but it can be done. If you’re a person that wants to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, then write to me and let me provide some advice.

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