Antarctica Zen

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Zen was born from a civilization that was satiated in materialism. One day when there became so much stuff to own/want, very ornate and covered in bling from the four corners of earth, it all became overload and some genius started Zen, then it became a mindset and almost a movement, which all these years later, makes it legion.

Global View of the Arctic and Antarctic.jpg
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By NASA on The CommonsGlobal View of the Arctic and Antarctic on September 21, 2005, Public Domain, Link

Antarctica rocks! Proof that advanced life forms inhabit earth. Clif High and the web–bot told us years ago, then info-spere was slathered with dis-info and heavy recruiting for flat earth, until Linda Moulton Howe and her Earthfiles dropped the Navy Seals whistleblowers Spartan 1 and Spartan 2, nice loud and clear testimony, with valiant Navy Seals to corroborate.

Must See Video – Mindblowing

So much more going on that I hold hopes we get a major disclosure from the exposing what they found under the ice in about 2001. The world needs to know what we can, since we’re long overdue for some good news.

Evidently the building under the ice in Antarctica is very Zen, black basalt and smooth to the touch, as if it were moulded in place. Giant entrance way and doors allow humans to enter, then inside it’s room temperature, even if forty below. The structure is massive, measured in acres, going down miles and perfectly constructed with lighting that seems to come from the walls but there are no wires anywhere and they can find any form of power supply, or understand how, who, what, or why this thing is.

Ice Wall, Sea Floor, Antarctica, Cold, Ocean, Water

We are on the dawn of breakthrough if this is released because it may hold the keys to healing technology, free energy and anti-gravity just this three truth bombs and humanity can make great strides very quickly towards solving crisis problems.

Antarctica Zen

Zen Earthship on Antarctica is what I’m thinking about, why can’t we live there if we can? Don’t we have the technology to create habitation in sub-zero climates with lousy light source for solar but lot’s of wind and now with battery tech we could live fine there. Here’s the part that becomes Zen, is that a policy be put in place, to anyone who goes there, to not bring things that will be sold there, only bring what you need and leave nothing.

By NASA on The CommonsGlobal View of the Arctic and Antarctic on September 21, 2005, Public Domain, Link

Antarctica Photo on Sunset photo by Visual Hunt


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