Greed Kills, Imagine Carthage

Ruins of Carthage
Ruins of Carthage

History is written by the victors and we know so very little about Carthage because their history was destroyed, along with everything else. This part of the Matrix loop that is our world, just manifests again and again in different forms but with the same destructive characteristics, greed and lust for power. Render unto Caesar also means, to many people, behave like a Roman soldier and Carthage must be destroyed.

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Carthaginian-held territory in the early 3rd century BC
By Aldan-2[1][2], CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Imagine Carthage? the most ideal location in the world, incredible trading partners in every direction, with easy access and transportation on the Mediterranean, connected to supply chains from Africa and Asia but was her Navy that ruled the waves. Carthage must have been awesome, filled with the best traders, scholars, merchants, markets and lifestyle.

Idealized depiction of Carthage from the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle.
Idealized depiction of Carthage from the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle.

Through sharing a common belief in a rule of law, and through collective ideology, the very best civilization that we never heard of, once thrived. Rome grew, prospered and most importantly, learned from Carthage. Rome loved everything of and from Carthage, as that’s where the best of the best of anything, from anywhere, had to come from Carthage, as it was the cradle of civilization to those who wanted to rob it of it’s very existence.

The malevolence that drove to the destruction of something so magical, could only be described as pure evil. This same level of anger and lust for acquisition of wealth, prestige and power has now eclipsed those days of demise of Carthage, and the birth of the Roman Empire. The modern day warrior wants his bounty like never before and will do anything to get it and anyone who get’s in the way is going down. Somehow that’s how it translates to modern world business/sales/warfare.

economist global currency reset

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) is happening and shrunk the money supply, as massive funds are blocked all over the world, as people desperately try to gain access to their fortunes which are in the account but can’t move anywhere until the GCR is over but they don’t know there’s a GCR happening because it was never in the media, so many people are acting very badly, under duress, due to formerly easy to access money. It brings out the worst in mankind, shrinking resources always did.

Roman Greed Killed Carthage and is the reason that the Roman Empire was built on the ingenuity and cooperation of the Carthage boat builders, engineers, masons, architects and military strategists extraordinaire until they were deleted from history. However, up until then, and for hundreds of years, Carthage handed Rome it’s worst losses, especially at sea, then one fateful day the Romans captured a Carthage ship in perfect condition.

Carthage boat yards were beyond brilliant, I urge the reader to learn about the magnificence of Carthage, or what it must have been, especially how they built up their Navy and mass produced ships of war, like a modern day master of an online gaming platform but with even more imagination. Carthage intellectual power was beyond formidable, they were masters.

The Phoenicians and Carthage. The Phoenicians came from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea; land that is present-day Lebanon. Their homeland was arid and inhospitable for farming, so the Phoenicians turned to the sea to become the greatest travelers and traders of their time.

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