Self Inspiration for a Cry Baby

The orange color, always present in my life, even on rainy days ♥
The orange color, always present in my life, even on rainy days ♥

My mind has been uplifted by something that Russel Brand said in a video called How To Let Go Of Sadness and that was the danger of self-pity was so toxic that we must do anything, to not feel too sad about stuff, like for example; the demise of our civilization. We’re not to be overly sad about the human condition but instead, we need to fight our inner debate with an obsession to become the change that we want to see in the world.

The greatest gift you can bestow on a person, is a good example.

Russel Brand

Disciple is the key theme to the great work that Russel Brand has been doing. Making a personal commitment, each and everyone of us, to do whatever it takes to self-improve. By this path, especially if the same amount of energy is invested into self-improvement that was used to self-destruct from drugs and alcohol, fight worthy causes, promote social change, or awaken other people, or even fighting against radical fundamentalism etc… It’s all a waste of time, there is no “us vs them“, no red team or blue team, good guys or bad guys, this illusion holds us back.

In order to transcend the misery we created on earth, we must each find the path towards peace. Give up fighting, forget the loss and move on towards the light.

Every word, every thought of anger and every moment of disgust at the desolation of abomination is a wasted chance to be self-inspired, to know that you know, that by dwelling on the past is not going to change anything and yet we must not do nothing. It’s commanded unto all of us, to do our best. I will never run a four minute mile, or make it to the moon but perhaps I can inspire someone else to raise-up their game and give it their very best. After all, if we don’t give it a shot, we’ll never know. Maybe I can inspire….

Remember in school, the things you learn on the playground; nobody likes and bully, a ta tel-tale or a cry-baby. So suck it up buttercup, the western world has fallen, the French don’t own France and you don’t belong to a blue team or a red team. The game is over, it’s now time to become the person you were meant to be, without a nanny state to hold your hand.

Pardon me for sounding callous but if news is fake, then what else is fake? And what would be the real news, if the masses are consuming fake news? Could there be something we’re not being told? Like who stole all the gold and money?

My truth is this; inner peace is the greatest truth you can ever find because it can be proven, only when experienced by you, to be known true and real. Once you know inner peace, you will want more, and once you know where to find it and how to get it, you’ll begin swapping the bad things for more of the good things, then experiencing more happiness.

Self inspiration is the key to see the silver lining in this time of tribulation.

Happiness leads towards joy, on it’s way to contentment. Therefore, having said all that airy-fairy, new age, mumbo jumbo I’ll just simply say that there’s still beauty everywhere in the world and tremendous, marvellous and even miraculous people among us, many who are having a much tougher time, against harder odds, or suffering worse than we are, so it is for them that we must keep a stiff upper lip and carry-on.

Self inspiration is my choice, and from here forward will strive to write only inspirational posts.

Self inspiration Photo credit: Marcy Tomsen on Visual Hunt / CC BY

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