Life in Sao Paulo

I tend to get so caught-up in my day to day life that I often forget that I’m living in Brazil. This didn’t happen in the beginning, I remember waking up during the first few weeks here and thinking; wow! I’m in Brazil. Now after four years in this wonderful place I have to remind […]

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Neteller Founders Busted

The alert came in an email message this morning, then later in the day the story broke across mainstream news-media. The U.S. Gov. held a press conference in London to make the announcement that the 2 founders of Neteller both Canadian citizens had been arrested and charged with money-laundering. (more…)

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Rumor has it that Ladbrokes of London are in discussion to purchase for about the same number of millions of dollars (888). How fitting that the largest global gaming company buys the largest online casino, just as I predicted they would do, after they divested themselves of the U.S. Hilton Hotel franchise.

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Nothing Ventured….

…nothing gained. I needed to sign up to another MLM program as much as I need another hole in my head but having received a message from an old trusted friend named Julio, describing a very simple program, that was conceived and launched by a mutual friend, who lays claim to having made fortunes and […]

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Art Criticism

Art is a result of human creativity which has some perceived quality beyond its usefulness, usually on the basis of aesthetic value or emotional impact. ~ Wikipedia Such a broad topic; Art, that it could have dozens of categories and subcategories. Anyone can be an Art Critic and probably everyone is, to some degree or […]

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Social Footprint

I like this new term “carbon footprint” and the idea it promotes that each of us on the planet has a responsibility to reduce the amount of natural resources we consume because our consumption is proportional to the rate of global warming, hence our own carbon foot print. This notion means that every person can […]

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Cuisine of Brazil

In the city of Sao Paulo there are purported to be over 3,000 restaurants and featuring foods of every ethnicity you’d find in any world-class city. Certainly the beef is famous and many people have heard of churrasco (a Brazilian counterpart of the barbecue), especially since Brazilian restaurants are now popular throughout the world. What […]

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Wally and Aaron Day

Wally Day

Wallace Arthur Day Today (I wrote this in 2007) is my Dad’s birthday; born this day in 1931 he’ll be 76 years old. I imagine he’s celebrating the day by skiing at his local ski resort Big White. Have a look at some photos from the old days at Mt. Baldy where he was a […]

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Money Maker

Money makes the world go around… The sound of an ATM machine as it counts stacks of notes to mechanically push through the slot of a machine. The feeling of stuffing a stack of fresh cash into the wallet, or the joyous feeling of logging onto your bank account from an online computer and seeing […]

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Winning Streak Players Club

At long last, a major breakthrough on the Winning Streak project to create a Loyalty Reward Network for the online gaming industry is about to happen. There’s nothing online that can compare to the Winning Streak Players Club. (more…)

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