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One Belt One Road

Belt and Road Initiative and Infrastructure Funding

Taschkent UZ – Barak-khan Medrese, on the old Silk Road Vancouver Intercontinental Consulting Group (VICG) is a team of seasoned financial professionals that specialize in introducing infrastructure funding projects to engineering and constructions companies in Beijing. Contractors have excess capacity of equipment and manpower, to construct every imaginable type of infrastructure, and they are seeking […]

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Ninurta Enterprises Vertical farming

Ninurta Enterprises and Agriplex Vertical Farming

Ninurta Enterprises Incorporated (NEI) is a socially conscious and spiritually responsible sustainable engineering consulting firm that provides scientifically engineered solutions addressing the subjects of food, water, energy, housing, clothing, and waste recycling. We are capable of designing multi-tiered, scalable, and cross-platform systems with special focus on self-sustainable indoor vertical farming. Vertical farm Lettuce grown in […]

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Port Alberni Transshipment Hub

Port Alberni Transshipment Hub (PATH)

Port Alberni Transshipment Hub (PATH) project is great for Vancouver as it would remove all ships from Vancouver harbour would be free of eyesores, plus the land in the port of downtown in the city. Clean of docks and cranes, ready to build to the seashore with a view of the mountains across the inlet. […]

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Red Earth Consultants -North elevation, west elevation, section through living rm. looking north, approximate finished grade west, residence for Charles Millard Pratt (GGUSC-Pratt-208)

Red Earth Consultants

Transforming the lives of Indigenous Communities. Empowering Indigenous communities to succeed on their own terms in today’s global environment. Drawing on the wisdom, knowledge, strengths, and collective experiences of First Nations’ communities to create innovative housing solutions. To certify the Modular Homes for sale in Canada, manufactured in China meet the highest standards, Red Earth […]

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Silicon Palms Kaizen

Silicon Palms was always a kaizen concept as a business, developing websites is what we set-out to do. Design and develop online company start-ups. The original dream for the company faded over time and Silicon Palms became more of a web administrator and lost it’s start-up level spirit. The company needed some exciting new ideas […]

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The Art of Speculation

That title belongs to a book written by a man I met online and by telephone, for the first time, over ten years ago. His “pen name” is Arthur Fixed and the full title of the book is “The Art of Speculation During Civil War” with the byline; “Sun Tsu meets Jesse Livermore” but I […]

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Aaron A Day - siliconpalms vblog

siliconpalms vlog

Inspire and motivate self-improvement and harm-reduction. The siliconpalms vlog is a positive attitude outlet, with the objective to create a good vibe every day and to provide value to anyone who watches and listens to the meaningful message. Combat the blues and overcome lethargy by changing the way you think about the world. Improve your […]

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Corcovado head Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Peace Revolution

Peace Revolution

On Oct 16 I moved into a rented suite in a Penthouse apartment overlooking Ibirapuera Park, the central park of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was so exciting to be back in Brasil, after 6 months in Canada, which was rapidly turning to winter, so every day and every night was filled with activity and exploration […]

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Andres Levin, Caetano Veloso and Lenine

I’m Alive Brasil

On the first day the Rainforest Alliance released “I’m Alive” it became the theme song for Wild Orchid Brazil. Our minds were blown by Gisele Bündchen saying; “the time for sustainable forestry in Brazil has arrived”. We felt as though she was speaking directly to us and we feel compelled to answer back – we […]

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Wild Orchid Ideas

Mission of the Wild Orchid Project Generate, provide and disseminate information and environmental studies for sustainable development of Wild Orchid Conservation Programs, with revenue generating business models, from sales of digital media, empowered by Social Activism. Wild Orchid intends to become an organization in the Eco-Index® – which encourages information sharing and collaboration among conservationists […]

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