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I’ve been hosting websites since 1994 and in the beginning of the web I was on a mission to find a company in South Florida that specialized on web hosting and did not provide Internet access hostgator reviews service. Believe it or not, back then it was really hard to find a pure web hosting company because the Internet access providers were competing for that business as well as residential dial-up access and commercial ADSL access and learning as they went that each was entirely different than the other, requiring different equipment and technology. Having visited several of the premises of the services providers it was obvious they were overwhelmed in the chaos of a technology nightmare. There was wires everywhere, hanging from ceilings, coming out of closets and running across office floors. The customer service departments couldn’t keep up with the complaints and mayhem, everyone was stressed from abuse. The technicians were mentally exhausted from trying to solve problems and every Internet service provider in South Florida was in a race against time and over-budget.

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Then one day I was invited to meet Scott Adams in Boca Raton at the headquarters of Hiway Technologies. Upon arrival you could sense a zen-like calm, which created very professional atmosphere in which Scott explained the details of his web hosting “only” data center. You could hear the slight humming of the dedicated servers, when inside the specially designed, hepa-filtered, server rooms and see the attention to detail in the exposed wire running from the server racks to the routers, everything was so orderly and well thought out. I knew that was where I wanted to host my websites and ever since 1995 they’ve been with the same company. My sites were amongst the first few hundred in a data center that went on to be the biggest on earth, as Hiway was bought by Verio somewhere around 1999 for something like $250M and Scott became the first mufti-millionaire I personally knew, in the new information age.

Silicon Palms has been a reseller of Verio products ever since they offered the program and have never had a single complaint from any of the many customers I’ve sold the products to. Silicon Palms offers a complete range of web hosting products from Verio, all the way from a simple starter web site package to managed private servers. My personal favorite products to sell are the VPS series with Linux FreeBSD. Virtual Private Servers provide all the utility of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

As a preferred reseller of one dreamhost coupon code via Verio Web Hosting products Silicon Palms is often able to offer special incentives and we can always beat the price of going directly to Verio, so write to me today if you’d like more information about our full line of web hosting servers.Enhanced by Zemanta


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