Truth About Crop Circles

The Jellyfish Crop Circle

Do we categorize crop circles under Art, Design, Projects or Mind? Maybe it involves all? How do you begin to explain these magnificent land tattoos? Naughty Beaver and other people can read these things like breakfast cartoons, so perhaps we should listen to what they are saying about them, besides who does not want to Learn the Truth About Crop Circles?

Let’s start with the newest beauty – Notre Dame of France, Nr Moisselles, France. Reported 1st June, 2019. Images Aéroclub Les Ailerons d’Enghien Moisselles Copyright 2019

Map Reference: HERE

From the onset there can only be two main considerations; man-made, or ET, on that we can agree, it either has to be one or the other. Humans put them there, or another species put them there. It’s great learning about something that has only the two variables. Let’s take a listen to what Naughty Beaver says about Crop Circles….

When gods Speak To Men. The PI Crop Circle Explained. Naughty Beaver

Personally, I can’t imagine organizing the number of people it would take to covertly make these things, while no-one was watching, doing this over such an extended period of time. Also, people have tried to fake some and are not able to bend the plant stems in such perfect unison, plus human activities are so obvious to researchers, and they can’t find proof.

This is a bad time in human history to discount any ideas provided by someone who legally calls himself Naughty Beaver, or anyone else who has some idea what the meanings of these geometric designs. Can we at least agree that these are coded messages? Also, consider that they’re created by “Extra Dimensional” or perhaps, as the eye witnesses suggest, super high-energy hovering orbs, that appear to be acting collectively as a devices to tattoo the earth, in places that humans will find, record, and decipher.

Scientific community no longer functions as it should, to investigate natural phenomena and to measure, record and hypothesize. Go-ahead; give it your best shot to explain and see if you’re institute of higher learning will grant you a scholarship to study this magnificent bread-crumb trail. Good luck!


Some of us know intuitively that it’s a meaningful and beneficent message. On a much deeper level it’s possible that when star seeds see these markings it triggers in some of us, embedded code to begin preparing for something that all crop circles seem to be telling us, a planet is coming. It’s like the High Electrical Voltage danger warning sign, it doesn’t require allot of imagination.

NOTE: The Research community is well established and contains some of the world’s smartest deductive thinkers. The best and brightest have tried to debunk or solve crop circles.

The Crop Circle Connector is just one of the best but there are many Crop Circle Hunters, let’s start learning the truth about crop circles, don’t you think we deserve to know what they say?

Photo credit: superdove on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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