Thinking in the 5th Dimension

One of the biggest symptoms of the energetic changes is Cognitive Dissonance (broken thinking).

The split brain into left and right hemisphere Is brain damage and it’s a result of existing in a third dimensional reality that is trauma based mind control and dark magic that isn’t magic at all – it’s technology and street theater.

Expanded consciousness or “thinking in the 5th dimension” occurs – it is not due to the individual believing they are “awake”.

Belief is to accept a lie as true and it’s not based in fact it’s based in Faith which is blind.

Truth is absolute – to say there is no absolute truth – is in itself an absolute

Expanded consciousness is a biological change. Your physical vessel changes on the micro and macro scale – the atomic structure changes, the brain integrates into one sphere.

This is called by the occult – maturation of the embodied soul.

Others call it ascension, illuminated, enlightened, light body activation, merging with the higher self or over soul, spiritual body merges with the physical body – etc.

The reason the body is referred to as a temple or a vessel is because consciousness requires a capsule to assimilate – and to embody more consciousness the physical body moves into a higher organized state – it can move from vessel to vessel as it is organized light or holographic in nature – and it does.

The physical vessel becomes the soul – there is no separation anymore

It is like a caterpillar making a cocoon and turning to mush before it comes out a butterfly.

Or coal turning into a diamond under pressure.

The soul and vessel crystallize into one – and the body can dematerialize and rematerialize to time travel – currently we time travel with our consciousness projected and bring the info back to download into our physicality.

Individuals that are going through this process or haven’t started are unable to see the bigger picture and think In terms of always or never. Right or wrong and they get trapped arguing over opinions and reality itself – their middle brain with the pineal activation is still dormant so they are still in left or right modes – trapped with their consciousness suspended viewing the past or future and not in the present.

They think In terms of – the past repeats, if it hasn’t happened it won’t – or of it has happened it will again.

They do not understand yet how creation operates – or how this 3D reality works.

That time is events not dates.

This knowledge is the foundation of this existence – of who they are, where they are, how they got here, where they go when they “die” – etc and it’s all been kept under wraps for the occult to use to their advantage to control the 3D reality.

There will be events that occur on individual levels and on global levels designed to expand their awareness.

Our biometric field spins – it expands out and contracts back in

Every single thing you see does this.

To expand it further it will contract it smaller – this results in cognitive dissonance and it manifests in the collective reality as division of the left and the right.

The devil is in the details.

The big picture is whole or holy – not a fractal.

When humanity realizes we don’t need to share beliefs – we don’t need to accept lies as truth and agree which ones to accept – people do not argue over truth – they argue over lies they think are true – when they learn that the truth cannot be argued or defended, when they see their own thinking patterns and real eyes that every single argument is over opinion and not what is true – when they become subjective and objective simultaneously, when they innerstand that there is one truth and the truth exists in the present now – then they will become peaceful.

When one uses the past to try and find truth – they will not find it.

When one uses the past to try and predict outcomes or futures – they will miss the mark.

Being in the now – losing linear time is critical

What is the absolute truth you ask?

Life is the only thing there is and life is in the present.

What happens today has nothing to do with yesterday –

Tomorrow never comes – when it does, it’s today.

There is no there – once you get there it is here.

~ Stay present! 🌹🌹🌹

For the present is the best present you’ll ever get 💫

by Emma Ross

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