Static Hydro Energy

Static Hydro Energy

My entire life I believed, for some reason or another, that secrets of the universe were contained in a single drop of water. Today I learned about Static Hydro Energy and now feel we just opened Pandora’s box.

I once thought that all the energy that is everywhere is in a single drop of water and that if mankind were to look within a single of drop of water and ask the right questions, it might be revealed, that everything there was to know about everything, was there.

Some Irish genius was looking at water as a means of making electricity and he must have been asking the right questions because he, or they, (presuming it’s a team of engineers) kept asking the right questions.

How to reinvent the use of plain old water, to generate energy?

The system uses the weight of water, rather than wave or tidal motion, to power turbines by submerging them in a tank of water of sufficient depth. The method of evacuating the spent water, after it has transferred energy to the turbines, is unique and novel, and forms the kernel of this patented application.

Static Hydro Energy, through its PowerStar Project, is developing a water-based Renewable Energy machine, not dependent on tidal flow or wave motion. The technology uses gravity to drive a water ram over submerged turbines, generating electricity in the process. It then redistributes the spent water back into the system, using compressed air as a power medium.

This compressed air is manufactured by using some of the electricity which the process generates, enabling the machine to operate in a plethora of off Grid deployments. The efficiency of the system can be further boosted by utilizing waste compressed air, a costly and abundant by-product of large-scale manufacturing and assembly processes.

By employing our Compressed Air Power Optimization (CAPO) system as a bolt-on technology, many companies dependent on the use of compressed air will be in a position to recoup some or all of their energy costs. Our revolutionary system is a novel and innovative form of renewable energy for several reasons.

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