Speed-debating in the Digital Age

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An original thought is just old ideas added together, in this case to create Speed-Debating, which made me laugh when I first thought of it. Probably been thought of and joked about but it’s invented now because we needed a new format to host a debate, where as many people as possible had a chance to meet a topic with their own rhetoric.

Maybe I’m the first to suggest that we’ve left the Information Age and moved into the Digital Age but again it’s most likely out-there somewhere in existence, as I seem to contrive things that other people also thought of. My hope is that we are collectively conscious and growing more so rapidly from the information. The Digital Age is the next step into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Speed-debating is planned for every second Thursday at a Pub in downtown Vancouver. The topic is Digital Currency, Privacy, Security and Self-sovereign ID. The debate question; which is more secure, central bank controlled cash money or crypto? Who can we trust; Big Gov, Big Tech, Banks or cash, bullets and bunkers?

Speed-debate is followed by an “Open Mike for Elevator Pitch” of business start-up presentations – 10 minute max, followed by feedback from Angel Investor panel and the debate moderators, plus audience. Open source event is free to registered members.

The Speed-Debating event works where each participant has very few minutes to nail down some facts, then pass the talking stick. Same debate rules apply as regular debate just modified format to accommodate more opinion and rhetoric, as well as those nasty little things called facts. Bring your facts and come one, come all.

As soon as the first event has been booked, we’ll post the address and more details here.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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