Solstice in Cancer and Solar Consciousness

Solstice in Cancer and Solar Consciousness

The Divine will is our effortless existence, when we align with our solar consciousness. The Solstice in Cancer is the most powerful of all days in a celestial cycle, known as a year. It represents the pinnacle of the energy force of light and love. In a metaphysical sense, we receive the most pure radiance into our souls at that time of the year. We need to honour it.

The Sun represents wealth and the eternal spring, it’s the key of almost every believe system since the beginning of man. The sun represents the word, it’s the symbol of light and the great central sign. The birth and creation of all things, is related to the sun.

I can never forget the first time the summer solstice had significance for me, it was during my early twenties. In 1983 there was an global oil crisis and the entire oil industry of western Canada shut down. That year there was no work available in northern BC and Alberta, so I drove the entire Alaska Highway seeking a job. I was finally hired in Inuvik NWT to work on a seismic ship, seaman first class, until the arctic sea began to freeze. Then arrived in Tuktoyuktuk, the northern most seaport in the world, at the end of the summer season, having made enough money to move to Australia.

That adventure had me camping in BC, Yukon, Northwest Territories and even made a port of call in Deadhorse Alaska. Yep, I’ve been to Whitehorse, the Capital of Yukon and Deadhorse the capital of Prudhoe bay, Alaska. Even getting to the seismic ship was incredible, in a single engine float plane we flew over the McKenzie delta, the second largest river delta in the world (after the Amazon) to land at the only island in the Yukon where a massive pile of bleached whales bones remained from whale-oil hunter camps, of 100 years earlier. From the plane floats I boarded a 150 foot ship and was replacing the first mate from Newfoundland, who had become a new father, so I was the replacement for 90 days and worked at the helm and managed the tender, which was a zodiac with an outboard engine.

On that tour I received a letter from a friend who was working in Queensland, Australia, I decided the day I read it, crumpled it and threw it in the sea. I went from the Arctic to Darwin Australia from Bali, Indonesia via Hong Kong by way of San Francisco. From Darwin, where I arrived with $14 dollars left and a one way ticket, on a 6 month visa (stayed 3 years), was clean-cut and well dressed, carrying a single sports bag with short flip flops, change of clothes and my tooth brush. I began hitch-hiking from the airport to Cairns, Queensland, where after a few days I was with old friends and living in paradise. All in a year, from one extreme to another.

Dawson on Yukon for Solstice 1983
I was in Dawson City on the Yukon River for Solstice 1983

I was in Dawson City, Yukon for the Summer Solstice and joined a group of revellers atop Dome Mountain, above the ancient mining town, where there had been a gold rush of 100,000 men a century previous. From the top of the mountain we could look down on the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers and on that day the sun doesn’t set, it kisses the horizon and then rises again. It’s a very dramatic cosmic event.

There’s always a dark side to Solstice too, Veterinarians will tell you that it’s the time of year when old dogs die, old horses, old cats, old everything will perish, if they’re end is near the reaper comes for them, something about those Solstice is related to death and birth, hence the rituals. (song added for the icebergs)

Solstice in Cancer is a time to understand more about our Solar Consciousness. The idea is to align our mission and purpose with our passion. Some might think of it as reaching our optimum potential in a natural and authentic manner, so that the act of living becomes a pleasure and the felling of satisfaction provides enormous peace and comfort.

Solstice Photo credit: deckhand on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND Yukon River Photo credit: Immagini 2&3D on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA


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