Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance

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We owe it to ourselves to know the truth, even if we can’t handle it. The result can often be serious acute cognitive dissonance. Just like soldiers from combat, sometimes the damage is hidden deep under the surface but when you begin to realize the society-wide epidemic of duality, it’s causing many people to become even more confused.

Data dumps of truth has the world reeling already, so much truth is spilling out all over every topic and so many people are being left-behind because of the brain-washing they been given. Many find it completely unacceptable to live in a world where the leaders could have been intentionally malevolent and caught in heinous crimes.

A Course in Miracles helped me to understand that we all have a mission and in order to know what it is, we have to abort our mission and adopt His and God wants us to be happy. Sometimes the things we learn make us unhappy, or even angry. That’s ok, shit happens. Just remember this, half of what you think you know to be true, is likely not so because much of it’s developed on something else that’s not true.

In ACIM they say something that may reverberate in your mind a million times until it cements itself in your mind, it goes like this….

Nothing real can be threatened… and nothing unreal exists.

Really, it’s not so simple to understand what is real and when you do, you will have found peace, or peace of mind, as they say… because now you’ll know what it is and how to get it, that’s a miracle. If I told you that 300 days of study and you could be completely content with yourself, your life and your future, would you believe me?

It’s true when they say change the way you think and you’ll change the way you live. This is how I came to realize that even one second spent processing information, using my powerful mind, to extrapolate scenarios of something from the past, or something other than in front of me, is a mistake for me because it’s not going to make manifest the things I want to make manifest in my life, those are the things I want to think about.

Ekhart Tolle helped me immensely too, if it weren’t for studying his books, starting with the power of now and then especially the great book which my sister and I would read to each other. This prepared me for the course in miracles which is heavy duty spiritual psychology. I knew I was suffering from cognitive dissonance and it has been overcome with contentment.

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