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melody-logo-mark220.pngHaving been a huge fan of Movable Type personal publishing platform for so many years, I was thrilled to learn that MT founders had inspired and empowered an Open Source software called Open Melody. Now there’s a group of web developers joining forces to collectively foster the evolution of a better content management system.
To test the software I installed a sandbox on, connected my web server to the Github (for social coding), joined the mailing list and community, I’m set-up to add my contributions to this great work in progress, while simultaneously developing a “Rio de Janeiro Travel Blog” called Macumba Beach.
About Melody;
Open MelodyMelody is an open source content management and publishing system derived from the popular blogging tool Movable Type. Melody is for those who find value in belonging to, supporting and contributing to a community of helpful, passionate and devoted users, but it is also for people who want a secure, proven and high quality publishing environment for their personal web site or their business.
Melody is actively maintained by a community of passionate individuals committed to the following goals:

  • Make personal publishing easier and more enjoyable.
  • Create the most progressive and innovative personal publishing application available.
  • Inspire a thriving community of users, developers and contributors.

Contributions to Melody’s code base is held in trust by the Open Melody Software Group, a non-profit created expressly for this purpose.

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