Why MVY? Because Martha’s Vineyard Radio Rocks

Digital Color Pencil Drawing of Docked Boats on Martha's Vineyard - MVY Radio

Digital Color Pencil Drawing of Docked Boats on Martha’s Vineyard

Once upon a time I drove through Massachusetts on my way to New Brunswick, Canada from Ontario but I never made it to Boston, let alone Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard, they’ve been on my bucket list for years but that was as close as I ever got. So what does Martha’s Vineyard Radio (MVYRadio.com) a Blue Lobster and Florianopolis have to do with an Expat Canuck living in Brazil?

In 2014 I went to Floripa for my first time, to meet a man from Cape Cod, called Floripa Bob. Floripa is a region of Santa Catarina, a magnificent state in Southern Brasil. Floripa Bob lived on top of mountain about a 45 minute drive from the Island of Florianopolis. His house perches over the valley and from the top of his property you can see all the way to the Atlantic. In true Cape Cod style, his house is adorned with deep-sea fishing tackle and remnants of Boston and Bob’s life as a seafarer, before he became Floripa Bob.

I stayed a couple of weeks on top of the mountain at Floripa Bob’s and made excursions to parks, waterfalls and tropical beaches and every day returned to Bob’s compound on the mountain. Amongst other things that I will never forget, one is, and it sticks with me to this day, every day, is that we’d listen to MVY Radio. It doesn’t take too long of listening, to realize that this is not just an ordinary station, MVY Radio is more like an institution of Rock and Blues that happens to broadcast choice music 24/7. What’s better is that the MVY Radio website offers live streaming and you’ll soon learn that there are listeners, like me and Floripa Bob, all over the world. It’s not just a local radio station.

It may sound bizarre to say; but my life changed after discovering this radio station, well at least I could say that “my life expanded”, it became better, richer and happier. I’m serious, the amount I was learning about the musicians and the collaborations amongst artists on Martha’s Vineyard, was truly enlightening.  The love and knowledge of music and musicians is what makes the difference, from the Dj’s and in the programming. They just seem to play a classic on the back of something brand new and it works. You just never know what you might hear next but one things for sure, you’re going to hear something that you’re going to like, soon enough.

The thing about MVY Radio crew that makes them so unique, is that they actually know, from being so “inside” the hippest song-writing scene, what’s really hot and who really bringing it. They schmooze with the artists, so much so that it’s not un-common for singer/song-writers to come right into the radio station and play live on the air.

I’ve turned a few people on to MVY Radio, they can thank me later but for me it’s nice to know, that friends and family, in other parts of the world, are listening to the same radio station, at the same time, as me.

The Blue Lobster and mvyradio

MVY Radio

The Blue Lobster is an extremely rare occurrence in nature. Its cobalt blue color clearly separates it from those dark red lobsters.

As a symbol, we feel it shares the spirit and mission of mvyradio – highlighting the rare, individual approach to music and to our listening community, as well as our common connection to the sea, the past, and our endurance into the future.

Maine Lobsterman Catches Rare Blue LobsterRead all about it! This lobster was donated to the Maine State aquarium. She is the first blue lobster known to be named Skyler.

MVY Music Philosophy

What makes MVY sound like MVY? There’s no easy answer to that question. But it’s that hard-to-define quality about MVY that makes it so unique, so special.

MVY RadioOur sound comes from a consciousness that we tapped into 33 years ago, when mvyradio first went on the air. When we think about MVY, we don’t think about genres or labels or categories. Our songs – drawn from rock, alternative, singer/songwriter, blues, and roots – are connected by their substance and quality. Our bottom line is the accessibility, the craftsmanship and the strength of the song. We’re eclectic and enthusiastic, wanting to make a personal connection through music and stories. The final piece of the puzzle, the integral component that makes MVY so vital, comes from outside our walls. Our engaged listeners give invaluable dimension to MVY through their interaction and suggestions.

Our Mission is to bring our sound to every like-minded listener in the world who loves music, values artistry, embraces intelligence, revels in
independence and welcomes both the familiar and new.

Photo credit: Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Digital Artist via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

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