Light of Love

So much suffering in the world at this time, with so many people working online from home, sharing truth of crimes against humanity, it floods the zone with nasty information and causes the people absorbing this information to feel heavy and sad. This message is about the Light of Love to remedy the blues of truth and a quirky find on a google keyword search.

A Google search of the term “Light of Love” finds 5,550,000,000 results and then looking a few minutes later it increased to 6,440,000,000, so whether it’s 5. 5 Billion or 6.4 Billion that is an incredible number of search results for a simple keyword phrase.

Now it’s two days later and here’s the number – About 6,790,000,000 results. Why and how could that be? Perhaps it’s a search code algorithm for living souls on earth but then why the dramatic swings. Still though, why? What is the light of love? It’s not just a meaningless phrase or there would be less than one billion references.

Love by itself has twelve billion references and that makes sense, also light by itself has six billion references but there are many different types of light, so that makes sense but the light of love can’t be explained.

Science by itself can’t explain everything, so it stands to reason that a search engine shouldn’t make sense all the time, however it’s an extension of us and what we’re thinking about. Light is the common connector of everything, to everything else… even these words, to your eyes. The light of love it must be, as it makes everything good grow and everything bad shrink and that can’t be a bad thing.

Light of Love photo – by Piter Frank, with a Nikon D850 Nikon AF Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8D Editing with Adobe photoshop Software and Light Room.

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