Hawaiian Spirulina, MCT Oil and Ormus for Optimum Health

Hawaiian Spirulina

It has never been so important to obtain optimum health and fitness, recently I gave up meat and made key changes in my diet. Hawaiian Spirulina, MCT Oil and Ormus have now become my go-to daily regime, and always evangelizing super-foods, these are three of the best.

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina powder is so fabulous that they can be felt on contact and when added to smoothies tastes, to me, like something so vital and rich as a life-energy, it’s delicious.

One note of caution; the pure spirulina powder is dark green and can make your teeth and lips go deep purple, so you want to look in the mirror afterwards. I add one small scoop to fruit juice and like the taste but some people might prefer the capsules.

Blue Green Algae from Kalamath Falls in Oregon is how I first learned about algae and it’s rich phyto-nutrient cargo of anti-oxidants. There are several reliable sources but lately I’ve been buying Gandolph’s Hawaiian Spirulina.

MCT Oil is pressed from Coconuts and it’s easy to add and a shot and tastes like coconut but Ormus is the thing that requires a little more research. When information about something seems to be repressed, it’s most likely because it’s very threatening to big Pharma. Ormus is a miracle source of trace elements derived from common sea water.

After 29 years of being involved in nutritional products, I’m glad to see the transitions away from vitamin pills to raw natural earth super-foods. Our bodies require such small amount to thrive, compared to the old “three squares a day” but we do eat must be beneficial.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… just add an a few more pieces of fruit to that but pour on the Hawaiian Spirulina, MCT Oil and Ormus to upgrade the fuel for your body and mind.

Image by Anaïs CROUZET from Pixabay

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