Greater Collective Enlightenment and Elon Musk

Greater Collective Consciousness and Elon Musk, the power of what can be done with imagination and determination. Once I laughed, at the inception of the Boring Company, and not because I ever thought he was crazy but because he gave away real flame-throwers to the first people to celebrate his new company. Obviously, that wasn’t his first company but it was, like the others, high risk because of the new markets and that had to be pioneered.

Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is by anyone’s recon, one of the most interesting men alive. His predictions have been accurate in the past, so to not heed them now or in the future is unwise, therefore I highly recommend the following:

If you thought 2020 was disruptive, wait until you see what Elon Musk is predicting for 2021. Here are his Top Five 2021 Predictions for 2021 and how he sees the world changing in the year ahead. Watch the video for the latest on his plans with Tesla, Starlink and SpaceX, as well as the predicted Tesla share price according to Billionaire investor Ron Baron. And get ready for the game changing business models of FSD, the Tesla Network and Tesla Virtual Power Plants.

Elon Musk Most Shocking 2021 Predictions

Photo by Kev Costello on Unsplash

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