Fortune Cookie with no Fortune

True story; yesterday I ordered Chinese food for 3 people, it was more impressive and more delicious than any Cantonese Chinese dishes I’d eaten in years. When we were finished, each of us chose a fortune cookie. I was second of three people and selected the fortune cookie furthest away from me, which is actually contrary to my normal habit and at that moment I had a flash of a thought. To myself I asked ‘what if there were no fortune in the cookie?”

Yes, it happened, I opened a fortune cookie that contained no fortune. In other words there was no piece of paper inside the fortune cookie, this never happened to me before, ¬†and I never heard of it happening to anyone else. What did it mean? What should I do? Google (search) it, of course….

If there is no fortune in a fortune cookie, it is a sign that something good will happen to you soon. (Because fortunecookie-fairy owes you one fortune.) Source: We created this rule as a solution to one of frequently asked questions.

Fortune Cookie – Rules

Do not grab the cookie closest to you, but the one furthest away when served by the host or hostess.

Pick a cookie that is most closely “pointing” towards you (i.e. the 2 pointed ends, not the rounded part, is facing you).

if you rip your fortune, it will not come true.
Source: We received this rule from one of our visitors (thank you!).

You have to keep the fortune for it to come true.
You cannot look at all the fortunes first, then claim the best one as your own – or give the worst one to someone else.

After reading the fortune, you must not tell anyone your fortune, and then eat your fortune cookie and put paper on fire for it to come true.

If there is no fortune in a fortune cookie, it is a sign that something good will happen to you soon. (Because fortune-cookie-fairy owes you one fortune.)

If you get 2 fortunes in 1 cookie, they cancel each other out. The fortune from the next cookie is the one you will receive.

If you text your fortune to one person that is very close, the fortune can come true for both you and the person you texted!

In order for fortune to work, you cannot tell anyone what it says.

You can’t look at the fortune until you are done eating the entire cookie.

You have to eat the entire cookie in order for the fortune (that came from the cookie) to come true.

You cannot pick your own fortune cookie. (Someone has to give you a cookie)

* If you know or heard about any other rules about fortune cookie, please let us know.
* If you want to make up a new rule of your own and have others follow it, feel free to e-mail us the rule. Only the thing we ask is if you made up a rule, please state as such in the e-mail.

Photo credit: Randy Heinitz via Visualhunt / CC BY

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