cognitive dissonance

Definition of cognitive dissonance

  1. :  psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously

The remedy for cognitive dissonance is forced positivity with large doses of reality. If raging conflicts in the mind continue to plague the host, then more information is recommended, until the symptoms subside.

Common side effects of cognitive dissonance are loss of appetite for CNN, often accompanied by mild irritation on the topic of the NIST 9-11 Report, or migraine headaches from the Warren Commission report and the magic bullet theory, as well as loss of sleep due to the London Bombing hoax, or Boston Marathon Bombing hoax and other mental maladies.

If conditions persist seek asylum in a foreign embassy, or move to tropical country where they don’t watch CNN and make a living selling ski toques on the beach. People would buy them for the Canadian maple leaf and because no-one ever sold a ski toque at the beach, which is a completely incongruous exercise, working as a form of therapy, in order to manifest harmony.

Seriously though, I caught a lethal dose of cognitive dissonance from CNN on the day that Barrack Hussein Obama posted his badly forged birth certificate on the Whitehouse website, where it still till this day remains. Then a few days later, in order to distract the public, especially because the social media channels were abuzz with immediate alt-media reaction to the fraudulent document.

I and thousands of other web geeks downloaded and opened it in Adobe Illustrator, where we could easily move the layers around with the touch of a mouse – people were making allot of Youtube videos about the obviously bad hack job, everyone started talking about it. So the Obama puppet-masters (CIA) had to throw a hail-Mary on a Sunday night and interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of the entire world, to tell us that Osama bin Laden had been ordered killed by BHO himself, using the now famous Seal Team Six, then had his body thrown-off an aircraft carrier in a burial at sea.

That was the last time I ever watched CNN but I’ll never forget how the Whitehouse correspondent at the time, Ed Henry, had a cognitive dissonance outbreak on live television and started laughing during the supposed-to-be super-solemn and serious presentation. Ed Henry lost his job from his folly and was demoted to Fox, he just could not keep a straight face and look at the camera, while telling the audience such a ridiculous lie.

Once a brain is stricken with cognitive dissonance the mind becomes addicted to the very topics that caused the conflicts. Truth is the remedy and information is the treatment.

A sufferer of cognitive dissonance will feel much better once they realize that almost nothing since the Coup d’état of JFK, is what we’ve been told, or happened the way they say it did and especially the powerful people, are not who we’ve been led to believe they are. Much of what we’re told is without there being any real evidence or proof, in fact more evidence exists for conspiracy theory than proves otherwise. We’ve been played.

Photo credit: nic0 via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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