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Adobe Kuler for Design Color Palette

If you love Adobe there’s no end to the tools, resources and tutorials for the Creative suite and the King digital art design tool; Photoshop, that you can find online. However, good design is just the start, as it’s the color palette that will make a design stand-out and “pop” (as they say) and the […]

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KONA Kilauea

Kona Bikes Rock!

The easiest product endorsement for me to make is that Kona Bikes Rock! The love story started in the 80’s in place on the North Shore of Vancouver called Deep Cove, when one fine Sunday afternoon in the month of June two Dudes emerged from the woods on bicycles that were covered in mud and […]

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snowy owl watches crop circles

Truth About Crop Circles

Do we categorize crop circles under Art, Design, Projects or Mind? Maybe it involves all? How do you begin to explain these magnificent land tattoos? Naughty Beaver and other people can read these things like breakfast cartoons, so perhaps we should listen to what they are saying about them, besides who does not want to […]

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Hemp Elbow Grease

Dirt Farmer Teaches Hemp

Hemp is not weed, yet this Cannabis grows the hope for a brave new future and the best chance to defeat plastic. Aside from the practical, it has other benefits like comfort. Once you switch to wearing Hemp instead of cotton you’ll never go back. Further, I’m not paid by Patagonia to tell you that […]

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The Falkirk Wheel

Falkirk Wheel on the Scottish Canals

Windows Ten has a the feed of images that act as screen savers and provide new photographs that have been chosen for how engaging they are, a little pop-up asks if you like what you see? If you’re a Windows user you probably know it. This is how I first saw the Falkirk Wheel and […]

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Portrait of black cat with yellow eyes from Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt Rocks for Publishers

Ever since the first time I saw Visual Hunt it’s been the most commonly visited website for me, next to Drudge Report and Zero Hedge. That one resource changed publishing for me because I always knew I would be able to find a suitable image that wouldn’t cause a copyright issue. Until Visual Hunt was […]

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Bamboo Design

Bamboo Design Art and Architecture

Bamboo, by Xu Wei, Ming Dynasty. Bamboo has been used in China, India and throughout the tropics around the globe for centuries. As a construction material once you understand it’s superior qualities and it’s suitability for certain jobs, why use anything else? Maybe it’s because we don’t have bamboo growing naturally in Europe and North […]

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Flower of Life and the Overlapping circles grid

Flower of Life

Flower of Life pattern I feel compelled to begin blogging again, since I have some ideas and information I’d like to share and also want to keep a few things posted here for myself. Actually, I’ve always thought the best thing about blogging was to collect information that makes me pleased that it’s been added. […]

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Orange on Brown Road

Orange on Brown Road

Do you ever wonder if there’s hidden meaning to random things we see? Like a clue from the universe? Being of Irish descent it’s impossible not to think about superstition or ruminate about coincidence and chance. As the famous Irish ditty goes” I’m looking over, a four leaf clover that I overlooked before…. How about […]

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Silicon Palms

Silicon Palms New Design

The first month of 2017 has been a thrill so far, as our strategic partner for Internet technology and Website hosting, Verio was sold by NTT of Japan (world’s third largest Telcom company), to Endurance International Group of Tempe Arizona, which is also the home of Godaddy our domain name registrar. Silicon Palms is now […]

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