Orange on Brown Road

Orange on Brown RoadDo you ever wonder if there’s hidden meaning to random things we see? Like a clue from the universe? Being of Irish descent it’s impossible not to think about superstition or ruminate about coincidence and chance. As the famous Irish ditty goes” I’m looking over, a four leaf clover that I overlooked before…. How about a frozen orange on Brown Road?

So Brown Road is a major cross road in the small town of Westbank BC. The mile or so road ends abruptly at another street, across which there is a large empty field, at the edge of which is a clearly defined path with no obstructions and would have been the extension of Brown Road, if it were to extend but it doesn’t. However, the path does and is ideal for my bicycle and would also provide me with an excellent vantage point to take some photos of the small picturesque town where I live.

The sky was blue and sunny, the air crisp and cold, and the ground hard and frozen. Perfect riding conditions, as I peddled all the way to the back top corner where I noticed some empty trailers parked for the winter. I dismounted near the trailers and parked my bike. Then I removed my backpack and unpacked some camera lenses, then prepared to take some photos.

As I was walking around seeking the best angle along the fence-line I was looking down on the hard frozen ground, first noticing a chain and rusted lock, then nearby I spotted something completely out of place. An orange, perfectly preserved was frozen to the ground. How did it get there and how come no-one walked past and disturbed it? Could it have fallen out of somebody’s pocket or accidentally dropped in that exact spot on the day, or perhaps evening that the trailers were parked in the top corner of the field?

My mind has been returning to the thought of the orange frozen to the ground, I’m almost tempted to go back and see if it’s still there. I wonder if the nearest orange tree is two thousand miles away. I wonder if I’m lost in space to even waste a minute thinking about the lost orange?

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