Caribbean Blue Scorpion Venom

Rhopalurus junceus also known as the Caribbean Blue Scorpion
Rhopalurus junceus also known as the Caribbean Blue Scorpion

Caribbean Blue Scorpion Venom as a medicine is one of the coolest things I’ve learned about lately and makes perfect sense to me. Beneficiaries of this amazing nutraceutical are survivors of chemo therapy. This modern marvel of naturaopathic science is called Escozine.

Escoazul or escozul (from escorpión azul – in Spanish: blue scorpion – the name by which it’s known in Cuba) refers to a mixture used in Cuban traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory. The composition may vary, but always contains a diluted dose of Rhopalurus junceus venom.

The Rhopalurus junceus poison, coloured blue, contains a toxin whose composition and structure is still unknown. The escozul gained fame when in Latin America and Europe was spread, through internet, the voice of a possible antineoplastic effect. After that, the Cuban Government started some studies, all in preliminary stages, in order to discover its real effects

The founder of Escozine, Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian, started his independent investigation in 2004 related to the Caribbean Blue Scorpion. Scientific data, which was available at the time, made him believe that the scorpion venom had potential therapeutic values. He was sure it could be a valuable organic compound when combined with his polarization technology.

In 2007, Dr. Mikaelian and the Ministry of Environment and Bio Diversity of the Dominican Republic started discussing a joint investigation of several scorpion species endemic to the Dominican Republic. In 2008, both parties came to final conclusion and Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian signed an agreement with the Minister of Environment, Dr. Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal, and started a joint investigation.

In 2010, Escozine received its first Registration for its product, Escozine, in the Dominican Republic. Escozine received a full Patent in 2012. This exclusive patent license, (United States patent # 8,097,284 B2) is being used to make a new generation of nutraceuticals and drugs utilizing the polarization technology for higher potency bioactive peptides. Escozine™ is registered and certified for oncological treatment by the Minister of Health in the Dominican Republic. Escozine™ is currently sold through direct online marketing to over 40 countries and is currently registered in six countries (Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and Armenia) as well as being sold in the United States as a nutraceutical.

The Cuban product Vidatox (formerly known as Escozul) is not produced or sold by Escozine and Escozine does not rely on this product in any way. Escozine has its own independent source of Blue Scorpion venom in the Dominican Republic and has established the world’s first Scorpion Reservation which is 50,000 square meters and can produce millions of doses to meet global demand. Products are currently sold through direct online marketing to over 40 countries.

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